Biden Vows For Stricter Gun Laws After Visiting Uvalde

On Monday, May 30, Joe Biden spoke about his plan to put in place tougher gun laws. This came following his visit on Sunday in Uvalde, Texas, where he met with grieving parents.

The community has been devastated by the mass shooting which occurred at Robb Elementary School last Tuesday, taking the lives of 19 children and two teachers.

Biden remained for hours with the families of the victims of the massacre in Uvalde. He delivered remarks afterward where he promised he will press for tougher regulation on access to firearms in the US Congress.

Biden’s Visit to Uvalde

During the visit, what was most heard from parents were demands the president take action in the face of such tragedy. Biden said he was willing to “do something” and said that has always been his desire.

He spent hours with parents and embraced his role of what some in the media call comforter-in-chief, which they refer to as Biden’s ability to empathize with pain.

This is partly due to the tragic losses in Biden’s life of his young kids from his first parent and more recently his son, Beau.

Increased gun control at a federal level has long been a goal for Biden and the left. He also said he’s going to put pressure on Congress to pass real gun control laws, which is going to be a tough one.

Democrats only hold a narrow majority in Congress; finding enough Republicans who are willing to vote for gun control may be difficult.

Biden’s Thoughts on 2A

Biden said he sees no sense in a young man having the power to buy a high-caliber firearm that fires up to 300 rounds.

He was referring to accused gunman Salvador Ramos, 18, who bought an AR-15 rifle on his birthday and used it to do the massacre at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde.

According to Biden, the Second Amendment to the Constitution was never absolute and there must be flexibility to some changes and further regulation.

He further claimed there is no way to claim some types of weapons have a blank check to be purchased and used just because of the Second Amendment.

This past weekend, Democratic and Republican congressmembers promised to agree on gun regulation in the country.

Efforts are aimed at raising the legal age for gun purchases to 21 and also stricter laws in which police have the force to seize weapons from individuals considered dangerous to society, known as red flag laws.

Biden said he believes in the face of all the tragedies that happened lately, members of Congress in both parties are becoming more rational about the issue and sensible restrictions.

He said previous regulations have been effective in reducing mass murders.┬áIf they’ve been effective, why are we still having record murder rates?

RIP Angels

Last Friday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott said he received an anonymous donation of $175,000. This will cover all spending for the funerals of the 21 victims of the Uvalde massacre.

The funerals will begin today.