Biden Sulking at Retreat Center While Afghanistan Burns

Afghanistan is in complete chaos and American troops are there trying to secure the last withdrawal. Desperate people are flooding the airport in Kabul and the Taliban is sitting in the presidential palace.

Meanwhile, where’s President Joe Biden? He’s at Camp David far in the Maryland woods sulking and taking naps. The White House even released a photo of Biden in an empty conference room next to a wall of Zoom calls to try to reassure people he’s on task.

The president may reportedly speak to the nation in “a few days.”

Zero Leadership During Crisis

Biden has shown zero leadership during this crisis. A month ago on July 8, he even promised the nation that it was “highly unlikely” the Taliban would take over once our troops left.

Biden was wrong and now instead of standing up and admitting it, he’s sulking like a loser at his deluxe presidential retreat center in the woods.

This man does not deserve to be our president. As President Trump said, Biden must resign immediately.

It’s not only that Biden doesn’t understand the basics of what’s going on; it’s that he refuses to take responsibility for anything happening. He’s a professional victim, and that’s the last thing this nation needs in this hour of darkness.

Biden Wrong Every Single Time

Last Tuesday Biden said he was confident that the Afghan government would hold together and the Afghan forces would defend themselves against the terrorists. He was dead wrong.

The government fled in planes and the army surrendered or ran away to other countries. Trillions of American taxpayer dollars went down the toilet.

Meanwhile, expensive equipment and humvees are now in Taliban hands ready to secure their reign of fear and oppression back over the people of Afghanistan.

The only thing that’s come out of Camp David so far is a written response from POTUS saying he was right to leave Afghanistan.

It also blames Trump for what happened, saying Biden was just responding to the truce deal Trump made with the Taliban.

Where is Joe Biden?

This is not the time for a nap. This senile traitor should get himself on Marine One and fly back to the White House immediately. The nation needs to know what the hell is going on.

He needs to stand with our troops who are still in theater getting people out. This failure of a POTUS is no longer valid to sit in office. This isn’t even about politics any longer. Biden is destroying the country over COVID and he led us straight into a disaster overseas.

He’s to blame and so is his psychotic vice-president Kamala Harris, who has been running a lot of his foreign policy for him. This is outrageous and somebody needs to answer for it.