Biden Says MAGA is Worse Than the Nazi Party

Generally, it’s hard to understand what Joe Biden is saying or why he’s saying it.

Though his latest message came through loud and clear. It should worry every patriot and America First conservative to their bones.

Because like it or not, Biden is currently the most powerful man in the country; he has the power to cause major damage to our republic and our citizens.

Here’s what he said…

Biden: MAGA ‘Most Extreme’ Movement in US History

Biden gave a speech on Wednesday evening where he launched into a savage attack on the Republican Party and the “MAGA crowd” as he calls them.

As a draft leaked from the Supreme Court that Roe v. Wade may be overturned and federal abortion rights challenged, the Democrats are going berserk.

The left is used to winning and always getting its way; now that this is starting to change, they are going absolutely berserk.

Biden claimed the MAGA movement is the most “extreme” political group in US history. Biden even said gay kids are going to be kicked out of classrooms and other absurd lies. These words were obviously put in his mouth, but they’re very concerning.

The speechwriters are obviously aware of the Ku Klux Klan, which was a racial-political movement, the American Nazi Party (ANP, which still exists), the American Communist Party (CPUSA, still around), and more.

Whereas Biden is going off about MAGA being the “most extreme?” He said afterward that actually, they’re only the most extreme in “recent” US history. Define “recent,” because as I said, the Communist and Nazi Parties are still around.

That’s not to mention the modern Democrat Party, which is a racist and extremist party that encourages violence and hate against its opponents. Perhaps Biden should look in the mirror…

Why is Biden Picking on MAGA?

The reason Biden and the left are picking on MAGA is simple. President Trump may be out of office, but he’s still scoring big wins. His work of getting justices on the Supreme Court is why we are looking at a potentially huge win for life ahead of the midterms.

Trump’s work on the border has now been proven as correct, while illegals swarm in once again. Afghanistan: Trump had a plan, Biden betrayed our troops.

Economy? We’re in record inflation and a huge downward spiral, while MAGA had this country humming along like a fine-tuned machine.

Biden’s also facing Trump allies, like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who are refusing to let left-wing fascists push them around anymore.

As for MAGA being extreme? If loving America and standing up for this country is “extreme,” then it damn sure is extreme.

Biden conveniently left out that more minorities voted for Trump than any Republican since Ronald Reagan.

Why in the world are we talking about “gay kids” anyway? Children should be allowed to attend school without being sexualized into some strange political agenda.