Biden Risks Lives of Millions with Insulin, Epipen Price Raise, Blames Manchin

You can’t make this stuff up.

Joe Biden is endangering the lives of millions of Americans with diabetes and life-threatening allergies in order to force his disgusting Build Back Better spending bill on our country.

It all goes back to the Build Back Better bill, a mammoth spending spree full of handouts to Democrat donors and special interests. It also pushes climate change and other issues at the expense of American workers.

Senator Joe Manchin is blocking Biden’s agenda by not voting for BBB. Now, Biden is using Americans as human shields to force Manchin to back his corrupt bill.

Here’s What Happened

President Trump put a $35 price cap on insulin and epipens for life-threatening allergies in order to save lives. Like so many of the things Trump did, this went mostly unreported by our treasonous liberal media.

One of the first things Biden did when he got in was remove that price cap and let the price of insulin soar back up to the roof. It was more important for him to serve his Big Pharma donors and let diabetics die than to actually help America.

Yet, now that BBB is in danger of being dead in the water, Biden’s found a new person to blame for playing with the lives of millions: Senator Joe Manchin.

Yes, seriously.

White House Tells Manchin to Back BBB or Kids Will Die

In a statement on BBB, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Manchin lied about backing BBB and then changed his mind. She added he’s responsible for the price cap being off insulin and epipens, since BBB contains provisions to put a price cap back on.

This is basically blackmailing people with their lives in order to back the wasteful and corrupt BBB bill. Psaki also threw in blame towards Manchin for blocking daycare funding for two million women.

Just like terrorists who hide behind school-buses to fire rockets, this disgraceful administration is trying to hold innocent people as ransom and human shields to force through their anti-American, big-government socialist bill.

It’s sickening behavior.

This is Disgraceful

Coming right around Christmas, it’s just disgraceful to see the Biden regime doing things like this. They are trying to frame Manchin for their own behavior and make him responsible for people who now can’t afford their medications.

If this doesn’t show the false humanitarianism of the Democrat Party, I don’t know what does. They pretend to care about minorities, the ill and the disadvantaged, but to Democrats, these people are only pawns in their quest to seize and hold power.

Then, they get ahold of the printing presses and start handing out money to corrupt donors. It’s a nightmare scenario and one we need to wake up from as soon as possible.