Biden Regime Creating Troll Army in White House Basement

Joe Biden wants to be president again in 2024 and he plans to hire an “influencer army” to help him get there. Biden’s digital strategists plan to house this army of TikTok stars at the White House and let them run wild.

There’s just one rule: promote Biden and the Democrats and get him reelected! Let’s take a closer look at this bizarre plan.

Using a China Spy App For State Propaganda

There’s no low to which Sleepy Joe and his regime will not stoop; this is just the latest example. His team is going to set up a large group of TikTok influencers to make state-run propaganda and get him reelected.

In addition to the legal proceedings against President Trump on charges in New York, this digital “army” is hoped to boost Biden to victory. Biden has to pay for influencers and people to support him. How sad is that?

In 2015 and 2016, and 2019 and 2020, millions of Americans posted memes, videos, messages, and supportive clips of President Trump and nobody paid them to do it.

They did it because they supported him.

Details of Plan Leaked

According to details of this plan leaked by Axios, Biden’s team will hire “hundreds” of digital influencers and give them their own White House room to meet in and plan their propaganda.

The plan is to particularly boost Biden’s popularity among younger folks who might vote for him.

This is especially geared at younger people who are turned off by politics or don’t watch news, but go on their TikTok or Twitter or Instagram and pay attention to what they see.

Let’s be honest: This is hideous state propaganda produced for people with no attention span and no capacity to understand actual politics.

That definitely sounds like most Democratic voters, so Biden may be onto something.

The Bottom Line

This is yet another outrageous example of how far down the rabbit hole this regime is going.

A room full of TikTok trolls pushing out propaganda on Biden’s behalf? It’s ridiculous to even think about, but it is likely to soon become reality.