Biden Regime Busted For Planning Extreme Censorship Tactic

The COVID lockdowns are a time most would prefer to forget: mask mandates, vaccine mandates, and the creepy appearance of Dr. Fauci and white-coat tyrants on every TV screen.

Though revelations are coming out about exactly how bad things got in terms of censorship and every American should be on high alert.

Censoring Private Speech?

We already know the Biden regime was working with Big Tech to watch what people said online and label “misinformation” of those who criticized the vaccine.

What we are now finding out is it went much further than taking down some tweets or putting labels under Facebook posts. The Biden regime’s plans for censorship were extended to private messages and communications between individuals.

New emails leaked from the Biden regime exposed by reporter David Zweig, show Biden officials were trying to get platforms like WhatsApp to censor and erase messages that had criticism of the COVID vaccine or lockdowns.

Yes, seriously.

Missouri v. Biden

The court case Missouri v. Biden led to the release of these emails uncovered by Zweig. They show Facebook was under intense pressure to start censoring WhatsApp, including by top Biden official Rob Flaherty.

Flaherty is the head of Biden’s Digital Strategy team and said any “harm” and “vaccine skeptical” messaging needed to be curbed. This includes wanting to censor and change the content in groups as well as between people.

WhatsApp tried explaining to this bullying Boomer that they were a private messaging app, not a public platform; he sent them a confirmation with a wink. What’s the point?

Flaherty knew WhatsApp isn’t a public posting site; he was asking exactly what it sounded like: for private messages and group communications to have anything “skeptical” of the experimental mRNA vaccine censored.

This is truly shocking. Americans should all be paying attention to the extent that the government is trying to go to cut into First Amendment rights and force people to do what it wants.

The Bottom Line

The only reason this didn’t happen is there are still enough people who would protest and reject it. The Biden-Harris junta is against you and against America.