Biden Regime Announces Punishment for Companies That Don’t Enforce Vax Mandate

Joe Biden’s announcement of the US vaccine mandate for all federal employees and American companies over 100 people was horrific. This is how tyranny starts.

Companies will still have the option to get employees tested once a week who don’t want to be vaccinated; however, that’s a lot of tests and it’s unclear who will pay for them and how much they’ll cost.

The message is clear: get the vaccine or the Biden regime will back you into a corner and take your job, your money, and your freedom. Now details are coming out about the penalties that businesses will face when they don’t have the right papers for their employees.

Show Your Papers or Face $13,600 Fine

Businesses that don’t have the right proof of vaccination for employees will face a $13,600 fine for each time they don’t follow the rules. If you have proof of a negative test in the past workweek, that will be sufficient for now, but for federal workers or contractors, a vaccine is the only option.

Biden’s new vaccine mandate applies to around 67% of American workers. Even companies that believe strongly in medical freedom or in letting employees make their own choices will now have to comply with our tyrannical government or face going under bankruptcy and blacklisting.

Conservatives are not exaggerating the scope of this new law: it is genuine bio-fascism and a slap in the face to the United States.

Biden Regime Says ‘Strong Action’ is Justified

According to Biden’s top COVID coordinator Jeff Zients, this “strong action” is justified and is the best way to make sure people all get vaccinated. Vaccinated means fully vaccinated with two shots or one-shot if you have the Johnson & Johnson shot.

However, now that booster shots are coming out, it might mean three shots, four shots, or more. In a year or two, how many shots will it mean? How many different vaccines? This is a bridge that cannot be uncrossed and CDC head Rochelle Walensky admits the rules will probably be “updated” as we go forward.

Bigger Fines for the Unmasked

In addition to the new vaccine mandate, there are bigger penalties being rolled out for those who don’t wear masks as well. The TSA can now hit you with a $2,000 fine for not wearing a mask on your first violation, instead of the previous $1,000 maximum fine for the first offense.

None of this will keep Americans safer. All it will do is create a segregated society in which we are slaves to the government and have to do what they say in making our personal medical choices.

The freedom to even work or move in public is being taken away in front of our very eyes by a fascist liberal regime.