Biden Regime Admits Their Hit on ISIS-K in Afghanistan Actually Killed Innocent Kids

When 13 of our brave troops were killed on August 26 while guarding Kabul airport in Afghanistan, our nation was outraged. These heroes gave their lives to pay for Joe Biden’s botched plan to get out of Afghanistan.

When the Biden regime told us several days later on August 29 the Pentagon hit a group of more ISIS-K jihadists on the way to carry out further bloodshed, America nodded in approval.

Biden is a disaster, but at least he took out a few of the bad guys, right? Wrong. It turns out the Biden regime actually just brutally murdered seven innocent kids and three other innocent civilians in the Aug. 29 drone strike.

Biden’s Cowardly War Crimes

The Aug. 29 hit is sadly part of a long list of US drone strikes that have killed innocent people (even under President Trump). It’s also a strike that was cheered on by Biden and his lackeys.

Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark “White Rage” Milley called it “righteous” and claimed it got back at our enemies. Apparently, Milley likes to play both sides.

It turns out he’s been talking to our enemies like China through backchannels to undermine American foreign policy. Either way, Milley and the other Biden bug men are lying.

The truth is the car the drone pulverized was being driven by a charity worker who was putting big jugs of water in the back of his car.

The Biden regime killed him and children who were also in the vehicle; then, they lied about it, saying America stopped a terrorist attack.

Unless the terrorist attack was a kind man bringing water to people at the airport, the only thing the Biden idiots prevented was the life of a good man and the pure souls of innocent children from living their lives.

Enough Lies

The Biden regime lied through their teeth after the attack for weeks; they even trotted out Jen Psaki to say it was a successful hit.

The truth is that with even less sources on the ground, we cannot accurately tell who is an enemy and who is not. These kind of sick war crimes are the price of incompetence and being a detached, liberal, armchair government.

Biden and his cronies should resign if they have even a shred of honor left. Top Dutch officials are resigning over what happened in Afghanistan with the pullout.

It’s time for Biden, Milley, Harris, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Secretary of State Tony Blinken to do the same. Maybe they can apply for a monthly COVID check.

They should do whatever will get them the hell out of our government and foreign policy decision-making command structure.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is there have been mountains of war crimes committed throughout human history. This includes NATO and US operations in Afghanistan.

What makes this one drone hit different is whether or not it was truly a mistake, it was the perfect example of the clueless evil of the Biden regime.

We cannot be led by these people anymore. Our nation deserves better and our troops deserve better.