Biden Praises Kamala Harris with Some Gushy Words

Joe Biden chose Kamala Harris because she’s a black woman who ran for president. His advisors told him she checked the right boxes and would help him win.

Even though Harris accused Biden of being a vile racist during the 2020 presidential debates, he gave her a pass and brought her on board as his running mate and VP.

The VP has gone on to have an incredibly bad track record, embarrassing America on the world stage, throttling our economy, and causing a huge exodus of high-level staff from her own office, due to reports of her bullying behavior.

However, now Biden has a message for Kamala. The message is so sappy that it gives Hallmark cards a run for their money.

Biden to Harris: “I Love You”

The Democrat National Committee was having a special occasion to help raise money and rally the party on Friday. It was held virtually with Harris and Biden both on split screens.

Biden opened by saying “hi” and then adding “I love you,” to a beaming Harris. He went on to say she is always supportive of him and is “really amazing,” calling her the “best partner” he could ever hope for.

Harris said “I do,” apparently referring to always supporting him, which is not what has been reported in various outlets, as the two have disagreed on various things.

Harris even apparently went on a cursing rant during the botched pullout from Afghanistan, screaming she wouldn’t take the guilt for it going wrong.

With Biden reportedly planning to make another bid for POTUS in 2024 and pick Harris as his partner in that, this little compliment-festival was all about signifying that partnership.

Only 28% of Americans even want Biden to run again; the idea is both sad and hilarious: but you have to give him credit for determination, I guess.

Biden Praises Harris’ Performance in Office

Biden has said Harris is impressing him and has done a “good job” so far in her position as VP.

That might convince some of the diehard supporters of this duo, but the avalanche of media reports about the toxic environment in Harris’ office aren’t so easy to cover up.

No matter how much some people may like the image and brash style of Harris, she doesn’t have any real accomplishments to point to. She’s ticked off a lot of her own staff and seen her communications director and many others leave.

She also has failed to improve the situation on the southern border, a file which Biden handed to her and which is of very high priority.

Giving Harris a pass and a pat on the back is, ultimately, very patronizing. The reason it’s patronizing and condescending is because she simply doesn’t deserve it.