Biden Now Emits ‘Pure Evil’ with ‘White Supremacy’ Speech

A recent speech by Joe Biden, in which he claimed “white supremacy” was the biggest “terrorist threat” in America, rightfully caused widespread indignation. Some conservative pundits are calling his actions exactly what they are, namely, “pure evil.”

Ludicrous Use of ‘White Supremacy’

Democrats have been crying out their white supremacy narrative, just as it has become evident that the United States moved very far away from anything even remotely resembling “white supremacy.”

Sleepy Joe, however, seems to be among the worst of them.

He seems to be fueling fake white supremacy fears in order to scare Americans of color into submission and, of course, voting for him. It’s just like in 2020 when he outrageously told black Americans that they weren’t black if they didn’t want to vote for him.

In his commencement address at the historically black Howard University over the weekend, Biden got even cheekier in that regard. He told the school’s graduates they should fear white people more than anything else in this world, Fox News reports.

Seeking to Scare Non-White Americans into Voting for Biden

Biden’s puppet masters putting words into his senile mouth must have figured that insane white communists would vote for their puppet anyway. Hence, they should just scare any independent-minded person of color out there by stoking racial and ethnic tensions.

Biden’s “white supremacy” terrorism threat enraged any conservative, with Miranda Devine, a New York Post journalist, rightly describing it and him as “pure evil.”

Clay Travis from called Sleepy Joe’s claims “completely bonkers.” Julie Kelly, another journalist, wrote on Twitter that Biden is a “pathological liar” supported by mainstream media’s quest to “fuel dangerous racial division.”

Jon Miltimore, leader of the Foundation for Economic Education, reminded his followers that Democrats used racism in the 19th and 20th centuries and are doing it again to win elections in the 21st century.

Jake Schneider from RNS Research bluntly, but correctly, described Biden as this nation’s “divider-in-chief.”

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.