Biden Moves COVID Goalposts Again: ‘Cautiously Optimistic’ There Could be Herd Immunity by Thanksgiving

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President Joe Biden lied about having a specific plan to fight COVID. Now it turns out he’s been lying about when the pandemic will be over and life can return to normal.

It won’t be soon or even in the next few months, as Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci and others have hinted.

In fact, Biden’s senior staff are now admitting it’s going to be at least Thanksgiving or this winter until herd immunity is reached at a level where it will be safe to be out in public again and stop having mask mandates and strict quarantine rules.

The goalposts just keep moving. If this were the Super Bowl the refs would have sent Biden and his whole Administration to the bench right at the beginning when it became clear they’re just going to keep saying whatever they feel like regardless of whether it reflects reality in any way.

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Biden Plays it Cool

Although leaks are now coming out of the administration admitting that herd immunity isn’t anywhere in the near future, Biden is mostly playing it cool so far.

In a recent interview the President said it would be “very difficult” to get to herd immunity before this summer ends, but he’s avoided commenting on how much longer it will actually probably end up taking.

There are currently about 1.3 million shots of COVID vaccine being given to people each day, but with the effectiveness of the shots in question – as well as how to get enough of them through agreements with vaccine-makers – and many questions surrounding how long until herd immunity will actually kick in, Biden and his team are flying blind.

Team Biden doesn’t have a solution, they just have words and media worship to try to make them look good.

Plan: Keep Changing the Script

With the UK, Brazilian and South African mutation of COVID on the horizon, it’s far from clear that the vaccine will even help much with stopping the new versions. Just as government officials continually kept changing how long it will take to stay inside to beat COVID, next they will change what shots you need to take and how long it will take to beat the next variants.

God forbid that the coming variants are more deadly than COVID, which mainly kills those with preexisting conditions or low immunity. If a more fatal virus hits the country the government will gain ironfisted control, considering that millions of people were willing to give up all liberty in obedience for a virus which doesn’t effect most people.

Fauci says that the new B117 mutation could be the main form of COVID that’s spreading by the end of this March, so what will the government do if the vaccines being given now do nothing to stop it?

One leading member of Biden’s COVID advisory board Atul Gawande said recently that vaccines won’t be enough to tackle what’s coming.

“We have yet to control this pandemic. We still have this emerging threat of variants. And I would just simply discourage any of those activities. We really need to keep all of the mitigation measures at play here if we’re really going to get control of this pandemic,” Gawande said, adding “We’re going to need more than the vaccines when it comes to the strains. We have a very high rate of viral circulation. So, we’re going to continue to generate new strains. The fact that we’ve already seen strains that have some diminished effectiveness for the vaccines suggests where we could be up against … The variants are increasingly defeating the monoclonal antibodies.”