Biden Hires Teenage Social Media Stars to Lie About Gas Prices

The war in Ukraine is in its third week and the world is holding its breath. Thousands have died and the world economy is also in big trouble.

Here in America, gas prices have gotten even worse. Inflation has already been horrible ever since Joe Biden took over the White House; his anti-energy policies raised the price of fuel and heating from the start.

Though now that Russian leader Vladimir Putin decided to invade Ukraine, Biden is doing his best to blame it all on Putin and dodge any responsibility. Not many people believe Biden because it’s an obvious lie.

Yet, he recently decided to hire some social media stars off TikTok and get them to spout his propaganda. Here’s what happened…

Biden’s TikTok Tactic

TikTok is a Chinese social media company that lets people record short videos and do funny voiceover stunts.

Some individuals have managed to build quite the following for themselves on TikTok. Biden and his cronies wanted to tap into that.

He figured it would be a good way to emphasize how the current state of the economy and gas prices is all Putin’s fault.

For that reason, Biden organized a special meeting recently with a number of top TikTokers at the White House. How special!

They came trundling in like kids meeting their creepy, rich uncle at Thanksgiving; they left with a mission: pump out the propaganda!

So that’s what TikTok stars like Ellie Zeiler did.

It was so cringe, like watching a victim of communist brainwashing dolled up in makeup and telling you why Mao Zedong is actually a nice guy who just wants to help the peasants.

Gas Prices Are Insane

Gas is topping $6 or $7 in some places. It isn’t below $4 on average anywhere in this country. That’s not normal or OK; it’s definitely something that started long before Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine.

Zeiler got on her screen and tried to look serious while making excuses for Biden, but nobody’s buying this stuff anymore. All it takes is a quick look at the facts to inform yourself about what’s going on here.

Biden came into office on a crusade against American energy producers and axed the Keystone XL pipeline on day one.

He proceeded to take aggressive steps against oil and gas. Then, he did nothing to actually care about ordinary Americans who rely on energy prices being reasonable.

Under President Trump, we were down to $2 a gallon; now we’re at over $7! Trump predicted all of this and Biden’s actions made it come true.

Zeiler isn’t going to convince anyone otherwise, apart from those who already worship the Democrats like cult members and lost all use of basic logic.

A Joke Government

The Biden regime is a joke government, but we are in a deadly serious time. Remember when they invited some crossdresser nail polish guy on to promote the COVID vaccine?

The midterms can’t come soon enough.