Biden Hints That He Plans to Run for Reelection in 2024

On Friday afternoon, when President Biden spoke to a group of Democratic leaders and activists at a big party conference, the phrase “four more years” was chanted over and over again.

Biden Hopes for Reelection

The president kept saying a decision about running for reelection in 2024 would likely be made soon.

Biden told the enthusiastic audience gathering in Philadelphia for the Democratic National Committee’s winter gathering that they’re just getting going and he wants to accomplish more.

Biden has been saying for months that he wants to run for president again, but he hasn’t made anything official yet.

The president grinned on Thursday when veteran Biden adviser Ron Klain remarked that he looked forward to standing by Biden’s side, should Biden decide to run for reelection.

The president will visit Philadelphia before giving the State of the Union address the following week. Insiders in the president’s political world say any announcement about a Biden 2024 campaign would have to wait until after the president’s speech on February 7.


Prior to Biden’s speech, Vice President Kamala Harris addressed the crowd and emphasized that Democrats are doing their part. Actually, they are exceeding expectations, according to her.

Republicans don’t concur.

Before the president arrived in Philadelphia, Ronna McDaniel, the chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, said the Biden-Harris economic program has done nothing but cause pain and sorrow for the American people.

McDaniel said their bad policies have taken money out of the paychecks of hardworking Americans and forced them to take pay cuts.

Democrats merely want to spend trillions more of public money, even when inflation has exceeded salaries for 21 consecutive months. Democrats don’t really seem to care that American families are having a hard time making ends meet due to Biden’s pay cuts.

Biden Acknowledges GOP Success

In his remarks, Biden recognized the advances the GOP has made with working and middle-class Americans in previous election cycles, in part because of populist ideals promoted by former President Trump.

He asked if you’re over 40, did you ever imagine that blue-collar people would support the Republican Party? He said they believe Democrats are unaware of them and believe Democrats don’t care.

The RNC emphasized the president’s social media remarks. However, Biden said they are working to turn it around while referring to an increase in new manufacturing employment.

Biden’s popularity among Americans is still quite low. In the fall of 2021, his popularity started to go down and it hasn’t gone back up to a good level yet.

Though in the midterm elections in November, Democrats did better than expected in what many people thought would be a “red wave” election. This was despite the president’s bad poll numbers, which were partly caused by rising prices over the past year and a half.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.