Biden Has Big News on the Evacuation of US Citizens from Ukraine

Last summer, Joe Biden pulled our troops out of Afghanistan with almost no warning. He said he was just following through on President Trump’s deal to remove all US troops.

Biden let the enemy Taliban rapidly take back over the country, ignoring previous warnings from the Pentagon that the Afghan government and military wouldn’t hold.

Trump had a series of hard hits planned to stop exactly that from happening. Biden had nothing.

Biden’s disastrous pullout also left us without any foothold and ended up stranding thousands of Americans behind enemy lines.

Now, he’s doing it again, this time in Ukraine.

Biden on Ukraine: No Plan to Help Americans

Ukraine has 100,000 Russian troops on the border and war could break out literally any minute. This conflict could make Afghanistan look like a soft warm up.

If Russia invades and Ukraine and NATO troops defend, we are looking at massive casualties and widespread attacks.

Americans in Ukraine need to do their best to get out. Biden’s Secretary of State Antony Blinken has already announced US embassy families are being pulled out.

Yet, what about everyone else? Well, according to the State Department, getting out is on them and they should have their own “plan.”

Considering Ukraine’s airspace could be shut down very soon if conflict breaks out, this means that Americans in Ukraine are basically being told ‘good luck.’

Americans who live in Ukraine and have families and possessions there are essentially being asked to take a day or two to figure out everything.

Sleepy Joe and his weak regime won’t be there to lend a hand or help.

State Department Issues Warning

All the State Department has done at this point is up the travel warning for Ukraine, warning Americans not to go there.

This especially applies near Crimea and in the east of Ukraine near borders where Russian-backed separatists hold control.

Biden is thinking about sending 5,000 members of our military to the east of Europe to bulk up the defensive posture against Russia. However, this is a very small gesture in the face of a buildup that’s been months in the making.

This 5,000 would have the option to be cranked up to 50,000 if things get bad; that still would likely only serve as a pretext for Russia to get even rougher.

That’s especially true if our troops head to Estonia, Lithuania, and the Baltic states that Russia is so upset about being part of NATO.

The Bottom Line

With news that Biden is leaving Americans behind once again, it’s time to be brutally honest. This is a horrible failure of leadership and yet another abdication of responsibility as commander-in-chief.

Biden needs to be held responsible for the lackluster, weak leadership he is showing here and for the ridiculous State Department incompetence he is allowing on his watch.