Biden Goes Full Dictator With Massive New Vaccine Mandate

Joe Biden has crossed a bridge that cannot be uncrossed. He shredded the American Constitution into a thousand pieces and lit them on fire. His new announcement that any companies over 100 workers have to get the COVID vaccine or weekly tests is completely against freedom.

All federal employees already have to get the shot, with rare medical exemptions. This now pushes the envelope even further. Republicans need to get very serious about standing up to the Biden regime because it clearly came to destroy this nation and everything we stand for.

Biden Accuses 80 Million Unvaxxed Americans of Being Dangerous Idiots

Biden said his patience is “wearing thin” for the 80 million or so Americans who still haven’t gotten the vaccine. In his speech announcing the new vaccine mandate, Biden sounded like a fascist dictator.

He snarled about the unvaccinated, saying they are endangering everyone else and he’s already given them every option to get the shot. As Congressman Thomas Massie of Kentucky said, this new ruling is “absolutely unconstitutional.”

That’s putting it mildly: the vaccine has all sorts of side effects and it doesn’t even effectively prevent transmission of COVID. Why are people now forced to get this shot to just go to work?

As Congresswoman Lauren Boebert of Colorado said, people have the right to make “informed decisions” about whether to get the shot. Being told you have to get it or will lose your job is not “informed.”

A Bio-Fascist Coup

This new mandate is a bio-fascist coup. Totalitarianism has come to the United States in the form of medical tyranny. Even if this vaccine actually was fully safe (which it most certainly is not), mandating people’s private health decisions is insane.

As we’ve seen in places like Israel, even with almost everyone vaccinated, the new variants of COVID are spreading like wildfire. They keep taking new booster shots, but the virus keeps mutating.

People are still dying and getting sick; they’re just also getting sick now from the vaccines and their many side effects as well.

Treason From Within

Our own government is against the American people. They shut down our economy and said it was to keep us safe. They restricted our freedom of movement and ability to shop, eat and attend school, and said it was to keep us safe.

They pushed a vaccine on us that barely works and has serious side effects and said it was to keep us safe. Meanwhile, they abandoned thousands of our citizens in an active warzone and handed Afghanistan back to the terrorists.

They let illegal aliens with COVID stream across our border in the hundreds of thousands. The Biden regime is showing every day in every way that they are on the side of globalism and Chinese communism, not the United States and the Constitution.