Biden Gets Harshly Rejected by Saudis After Begging for Help

Joe Biden has helped create a real crisis for the United States.

Lack of leadership and integrity has consequences; those who voted for Biden are now finding out just how bad those consequences can be.

Currently, Russia is two weeks into its bloody invasion of Ukraine and the American economy is in freefall as gas prices skyrocket. Inflation is hitting working families hard, and the price of everything from food to basic products is going way up.

To try to put a dent in the rising gas prices, Biden gave a call to the Saudi Arabians who are sitting on one of the world’s largest oil stockpiles. However, Biden didn’t get the answer he was hoping for.

‘Biden? No, Thanks! Bye.’

The Saudis were informed of the incoming call from Biden and declined to answer. They knew it was about opening up the oil supply and lowering prices, but they weren’t interested to hear from Biden and turned down the call.

Former US ally the United Arab Emirates (UAE) also declined a call from Biden to discuss oil. The leaders of Saudi Arabia and the UAE both had the same reason for turning down the call. They claimed to have “nothing to say” to Biden.

That’s a diplomatic way of holding up a middle finger, but it actually gets worse. Both Saudi Crown Prince Muhammed bin Salman and UAE leader Mohammed bin Zayed al Nahyan took a call from Russian President Vladimir Putin last week.

A clear pattern is emerging here. Joe Biden doesn’t have the respect of key former allies under President Trump. He is, therefore, being rejected in favor of Putin by oil-rich nations.

This is very bad news for our country and ordinary families trying to turn on the heat or buy food.

Biden’s Burnt Bridges

Biden has a long history of being against oil and he also was pretty tough on Saudi Arabia coming into office.

He has a point about problems with the Saudi government and its abuses, including the grisly assassination of dissident Jamal Khashoggi and the corrupt, perverted elite.

However, President Trump understood the harsh truth that for the time being, we need Saudi Arabia as an ally. He kept them close and played their diplomatic game. Biden went full senile uncle and alienated them, which is having consequences today.

Still, Biden is hoping other countries like Venezuela can step in.

The corrupt socialist dictatorship that regularly murders and jails those who speak out against narcoterrorist leader Nicolas Maduro is the last place we should be doing business.

Why isn’t Biden going to Canada or America for oil, instead of foreign dictatorships? That alone is a good question, but the double irony is that even when he does, they hang up on him.

Even dictators don’t want to do business with Biden anymore.

Biden’s Anti-Oil History

Biden has a long history of saying he’ll destroy fossil fuel.

He’s been obsessed with the Green New Deal globalist agenda since day one. He’s consistently said everyone should be driving an electric vehicle, a message which has also been repeated by his press secretary Jen Psaki numerous times.

Right now, however, not everyone can afford $55,000 to sit behind the wheel of a tin electric toy and some people still need to drive.