Biden Gets Greeted by Massive Humiliation in Visit to Minnesota

Joe Biden recently visited Minnesota to spread some propaganda about his government. He wanted to show how much he’s helping the economy and America, but many people in Minnesota know the truth.

They remember Biden and Kamala cheerleading BLM while it burned down their state. They remember Biden lying that he would wipe out COVID…and they showed up as his car drove past.

Minnesota residents gave Biden a giant middle finger, waving Trump flags, and telling him to go stuff himself.

Biden Gets Booed and Cursed

Crowds of people shouted, “f*** Joe Biden!” and yelled he was a “piece of sh**!” as POTUS drove by in a train of vehicles. Some people also visibly displayed their middle fingers, while others held up signs accusing Biden of screwing up gas prices.

This was not the warm welcome Biden was hoping for when he came to the friendly state of Minnesota, but people’s trust and hospitality only goes so far, even in Minnesota.

Biden also got to see “Let’s Go Brandon” shirts in the crowd, a slogan which emerged as a joke in the past months and which Biden has pretended not to know the meaning of. You can be sure he knows the meaning, but he’s just trying to have a convenient senior moment.

This isn’t the first time Biden noticed some of the people not being his biggest fans. His trips to other states, including New Jersey and Connecticut, also featured large crowds booing him. Only last week in deep blue Massachusetts, a man gave him the finger on Thanksgiving.

It turns out big tech can censor people online and pretend Biden is popular, but out on the streets, the truth starts emerging. It’s a lot harder to stop reality than it is to shut down someone’s social media account.

Build Back Better?

Protesters in Minnesota have had it with Biden’s lies. His new mega spending bill is just a Democrat boondoggle to hand out money to donors. He’s not building anything back better, he’s just lying and pursuing the tax and spend philosophy.

At the Dakota Technical College he visited in the town of Rosemount, Biden gabbled on about how great he is, but the protesters on the road show the real face of his presidency.

People don’t like this guy. People don’t like his regime. People are tired of leftist lies. Plus, now with the omicron variant of COVID supposedly everywhere, shouldn’t Biden be home staying safe in the White House basement?

Maybe it’s time for another booster shot? Even though the vaccine doesn’t stop omicron or COVID, it couldn’t hurt to just get another booster shot every three days or so, right?

FJB. He needs to exit stage left.