Biden Gets Booed Down in Kentucky With LGB Chants

The recent tragic tornados in Kentucky, Illinois, and other states have left 74 people dead. From babies to senior citizens, lives have been lost that can never be replaced.

A number of tornados ripped through Kentucky, Illinois and additional states, like Mississippi and Arkansas. They ripped up homes and destroyed almost the entire town of Mayfield, Kentucky.

Joe Biden declared an emergency; he is directing a lot of federal aid and FEMA officers to affected states and recently went to see the destruction close up. That’s when he got an unexpected surprise.

‘Let’s Go Brandon!’

While in Kentucky, Biden got a nasty surprise of people yelling, “Let’s Go Brandon!” at him. This chant is a stand-in for “f*** Joe Biden” and he’s definitely not happy to hear it.

The thing is people haven’t forgotten the way he’s dismantling and dividing our country. While visiting the destroyed town of Mayfield, Biden said he was impressed by the “incredible” folks doing their best to help each other out and come back from the horrible “shock” of what happened.

He’s absolutely right. These people have been through something unimaginable; the slow rebuilding process isn’t going to happen overnight. It takes a lot more than money; it also takes heart, will, and iron determination.

Biden said the feds will keep pumping as much money as necessary for the building back process. Let’s just hope it goes better than his “Build Back Better” idea, because so far, all we have to show for that is sky-high gas prices.

He Said What?

If the story ended here, it would just be Biden grandstanding in Kentucky and getting shouted at by some conservatives, but it goes deeper than that.

While crowing on in Mayfield, Biden actually had the insane arrogance to talk about climate change and how that’s costing his government so much money.

He claimed disasters caused by climate change racked up a $99 billion bill so far. Biden also implied very obviously that he regards these tornados and deaths as the result of climate change.

This is the typical leftist tactic of pretending to have compassion and then exploiting a tragedy just to push their agenda. Biden wants nothing more than to force through his Green New Deal nonsense.

He’s blaming everything bad that happens on climate change as his way to emotionally blackmail America. It’s very sick stuff.

The Bottom Line

We should all pray for Kentucky, along with the families and states that have been hit by these tornadoes. The rebuilding process will be hard.

At the same time, we can’t allow leftists like Biden to exploit the tragedy and use it to push their obsession with a Great Reset, Green New Deal, Build Back Better agenda, or whatever name you want to call it.

Not now, not ever.