Biden Causing Nightmare Scenario: Russia-China Alliance

Joe Biden has been a disaster for our foreign policy. For years, we had to hear about how President Trump was a danger to the world, but now, everyone can see the reality as clear as day.

Biden’s incompetence and the malicious woke ideology of his administration have created a vacuum in world leadership.

First, there was Afghanistan, where Biden betrayed our troops and left them stranded in a collapsing evacuation zone. Now there’s Ukraine, where Russia is poised to invade and China is boosting their efforts.

The Nightmare Russia-China Scenario

Russia’s Vladimir Putin and China’s dictator Xi Jinping met several weeks ago in Beijing to talk about the growing alliance.

They emerged from their security conference meeting to make a statement about how it was necessary to “redistribute” world power away from the West. Do you see where this is going yet?

These two authoritarian nuclear-armed nations have some very serious grudges against the United States and Europe.

In Russia’s case, they feel boxed in by the US and unappreciated by Europe, who they consider themselves to have rescued from the Nazis in World War II with the massive sacrifices of the Red Army.

In China’s case, they have a long history of being colonized by Europe.

They are also under a regime that supports North Korea and relentlessly blames the West for stealing China’s glory and keeping it down.

Russia Wants Ukraine; China Wants Taiwan

The bottom line at this point is that Russia wants to regain its influence in eastern Europe. At this time, this means control and increased influence over Ukraine. It also means taking it firmly out of the hands of NATO and America.

China, meanwhile, wants to regain the island nation of Taiwan, which broke away during the Chinese civil war and considers itself the real China.

According to the communists in Beijing, however, Taiwan is an illegal and occupied territory that must be “liberated” and forcibly absorbed into the People’s Republic.

Russia and China are on a different page in various ways, but it is clear they are moving closer together and are feeling good about a non-American, non-European future.

They want to call the shots on the world’s currency, economics, and technology. They want to tell America and the EU what to do, rather than the other way around.

Let’s Be Real

If Russia takes Ukraine as Biden is warning they will, the world will be at a crossroads that many of the younger generations can’t imagine. China will certainly feel emboldened to then take over Taiwan as well.

America needs real leadership. Now. We can’t go on with Joe Biden and the White House doing absolutely nothing as our enemies make moves.