Biden Begs For Oil in Saudi Arabia

Joe Biden landed in Saudi Arabia on Friday to beg for oil.

After promising to make the Saudis pay for their brazen and horrific murder of dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi, Biden backed down on all of it.

He arrived at the royal palace of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with no fanfare, giving a casual fist bump to the psychopathic Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman.

From there? On to negotiations to try to obtain some oil to get Biden out of the jam that he and his pathetic regime have helped create.

What Saudi Can Do For US

Saudi is the second-biggest oil exporting nation in the world.

The reason Biden is backing down on his promise to diplomatically isolate Saudi Arabia is dead simple: he kneecapped our own energy industry. Now, he needs Saudi Arabia to flood the market and bring prices down.

With Biden’s rapprochement with Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman and King Salman, he put an end to leaving Saudi Arabia on the edge of the world economic scene.

When he was just running for president, Biden said he would leave Saudi Arabia as an outcast as a result of the assassination of Khashoggi.

Though it turns out that once the pressure gets turned up a bit and gas prices hit the roof, he just went back on his big talk as expected.

Saudi Arabia Isn’t a Biden Fan

Saudi Arabia is a scary nation that chops people’s heads off for being atheists. It’s not the kind of country that America should ever be friends with if we had a choice.

However, President Trump understood how to play the game and play nice with these people in order to keep the economy stable.

Long-term, Trump was building energy independence and unlinking us from Saudi oil, but now, Biden is sinking us right back into the grasp of these sleazy oil merchants.

The fact is that Saudi Arabia isn’t just domestically insane; they’re also a geopolitical wild card that is willing to shake hands with anyone who has money.

Lately, they’ve been strengthening ties with China and Russia, which is part of what caused Biden to swoop in like this as well.

National security advisor Jake Sullivan said he believes any deal that Biden and the Saudis make will be done through OPEC officially in any case, giving the impression this visit is mainly symbolic.

Saudi Arabia hinted in the past it might not even meet with Biden and clearly considers him incompetent and weak.

The Bottom Line

This Biden administration is a disaster. This visit could help alleviate some of the pain at the pumps, but it’s also a humiliating display of our POTUS on the world stage.