Biden Backs Down on Making China Pay for COVID

President Joe Biden has taken some steps to stand up to China, like sending an increased American Naval presence into the South China Sea. 

He’s also got troubling family connections in China, including through his addict son Hunter Biden. Therefore, there’s no real reason to expect him to stand up properly to the communist juggernaut. 

Biden recently ducked a question from the media about what he’ll do to hold China responsible for COVID. 

The question came from Peter Doocy of Fox News, who’s been making the mistake of actually asking questions that challenge power and hold the Democrats to account. 

After more than a year of claiming to be so concerned about COVID, Biden won’t commit to doing anything.

He even said that reporter Peter Doocy is not his friend when Doocy said so, telling the reporter that their interaction was only “pure business.”

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‘You’ve Said That You Were Going to Press China’

As Doocy said, Biden has claimed he was going to put more pressure on China, but so far it’s turning out to be just talk. 

As usual with the Democrats, they have a lot to say about what they’ll do. When it comes time for results, you’ll have trouble finding Democrats anywhere except reaching in people’s pockets to take taxes or blather at them on TV about “white privilege” and racial issues to divide people. 

Biden claims that China is “trying very hard” to be honest and do what it can. This is absurd, especially after they covered up COVID and have lied from the very beginning. 

Instead of holding China responsible (or following Trump’s advice to charge them $10 trillion for the damage and death they’ve inflicted), Biden said the focus should be on stopping the next pandemic before more people get killed (and having a “physical mechanism” to check easily if someone is sick). 

Biden is So Out of Touch

The thing that’s clear from the interaction between Doocy and Biden is that POTUS is completely out of touch and doesn’t know what he’s doing. 

Going soft on China is the exact opposite thing we should be doing right now. 

China needs a firm hand, punishment, and a strong United States. We saw that they started backing down when faced with that under Trump. 

Under Biden, they have a soft United States that’s willing to make excuses, look the other way, and generally duck responsibility. 

It’s shameful. The fact that Biden tried to turn this into some back and forth beatdown on Doocy himself, on a personal level, is just pathetic. These are world-shaking events, not petty squabbles for Sleepy Joe to rag on a reporter. 

Let’s get real about China, because the threat’s not going away anytime soon.