Biden Appoints New White House Press Secretary

On Thursday, Joe Biden announced that Karine Jean-Pierre will be the upcoming White House press secretary.

Jean-Pierre will be the successor of the job from outgoing Jen Psaki, who leaves on May 13. Psaki is heading on to a position at MSNBC.

Biden said he was full of pride about nominating Jean-Pierre. He said she has great experience and is highly talented and honest.

The First Gay Black Press Secretary

Jean-Pierre was born in the Caribbean on the island of Martinique to Haitian parents and immigrated to Queens, New York as a kid. She was a bright student who went on to attend Columbia University and eventually entered politics and communications.

For her part, Psaki tweeted out about how Jean-Pierre will be the first black and gay press secretary. Psaki says Jean-Pierre will increase the feeling of representation for the LGBT community.

In a press release, Biden said Psaki did a great job in her role, bringing honesty and civility back to the position all with a sense of humor.

There’s no doubt that in reality, Psaki was one of the most shamefully dishonest press secretaries in American history. She lied brazenly to the American people on a daily basis about very important matters.

Will Jean-Pierre Be Better Than Psaki?

As for Jean-Pierre, her honesty remains to be seen. Yet, it is highly bizarre and insulting that Biden is placing such importance on sexual orientation and skin tone in deciding who to appoint.

Just as he did with Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Jackson and with VP Kamala Harris, Biden is promoting the idea that being a black woman makes you inherently superior and deserving.

He’s doing this rather than admit the obvious truth that being intelligent and deserving doesn’t depend on race, gender, or sexual orientation.

Jean-Pierre, 44, is married to a CNN journalist and worked on President Obama’s 2008 and 2012 campaigns as well as Biden’s 2020 campaign.

She often talks about her family’s journey being a symbol of the American Dream, but the fact she worked to help Obama shows a disturbing lack of judgment.

Everything Trump Hates

According to Jean-Pierre, she’s a symbol of everything that Donald Trump hates.

She said that in a video she made for the far-left group MoveOn. She’s also been close with a lot of far-left figures, like Al Sharpton and the race-baiting crowd which encouraged violence in the summer of 2020 after the death of George Floyd.

As much as it would be nice to be optimistic here, Jean-Pierre looks like an even more ideological version of Psaki.

Except that anyone who criticizes her or asks a hard question is going to be accused of racism, misogyny, and homophobia.

As usual, the left is trying to hide behind a victim identity in order to push through their bullying, extremist agenda.