Biden Admits Truth About China in Hidden Video Footage

Vice President Joe Biden by Antonio Villaraigosa is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

President Biden and his family have been linked to communist China in various ways. 

In fact, during the 2020 election, the evidence on his son Hunter Biden’s laptop connected to China was suppressed by Big Tech, with Twitter blocking the New York Post from sharing the article. 

Nobody can say they didn’t know. Trump warned us about Biden and China. 

He said the “anger and hate” of the Democrat Party no longer had a place in America and that any party “that spends so much time tearing down America” is incapable of leading the nation.

What Biden didn’t talk about was this: supporting our police and getting out from the mountains of debt to China. 

Now, video has emerged of Biden decades ago admitting one crucial fact that he seems to have forgotten.

Classic Joe Biden by afagen is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

‘China Owns Us’

In the video from several decades ago, Biden brags “I do know about foreign policy” and goes on to say that “we have mortgaged our foreign policy” and “they own us.” 

In the undated speech, Biden shows that actually he used to understand very well about China. He describes how the government looks at their deals and realize that China just came in and jacked the US economy and system. 

So how did he go from that to where we are today?

America owes China more than $1.1 trillion, second after Japan ($1.28 trillion). China is steadily lowering its US debt and is pushing to make the yuan the world’s reserve currency and push the US dollar out of top spot. 

That’s not to mention their aggressive activities in the South China Sea, enslavement and mass murder of their Uighur minority, and trash talking of the United States around the world.

So, what does Biden do?

A few statements here or there and business as usual, shutting down our economy and selling us out to China – a U-turn from President Trump’s trade war with China that was actually starting to turn things around and put America First right when COVID hit. 

What Changed Biden?

Looking at the old video of Biden – left or right – we all see the same thing: a man who got how things worked and the reality of the situation. 

Looking at Biden today – left or right – we all see the same thing: a senile man whose foreign policy is being run by a San Francisco witch called Kamala Harris and who bends over backwards to let China keep thrashing our country. 

So what changed?

Obviously, age is one thing but that doesn’t explain it. Biden also sank deep into the swamp and went for a swim with the alligators. 

Do you know who works as park rangers at the Swamp? Mr. Ching Chang Communist China.