Biden About to Hand Out More Money to Cover His Mistakes

Ever since taking office, Joe Biden has done enormous damage to the American economy. He said restrictions and cutbacks are being done to fight COVID and also save the environment.

This includes him shutting down drilling on federal lands and pushing cutbacks against our energy industry.

COVID is now worse than ever, with omicron ravaging across the country. Meanwhile, natural disasters and environmental problems are on the rise. We can say his success on both files is minimal.

However, Biden is like all Democrats. He has only one answer to the problems he’s created: print money and throw it at them.

Another Biden Bailout Coming

Biden’s regime is announcing it’s going to hand out $4.5 billion more to poor families who are struggling with the cost of heating their homes in the cold weather.

The cost of heating has risen sharply this winter since the cost of getting oil surged by over 40%.

This hits poor families that Biden pretends to care about hardest of all; there are basically three options to fix this.

One would be to actually improve the economy and give them good jobs (which is definitely not happening, especially with December’s report of a dismal 199,000 jobs added).

The second option is to undo restrictive and harmful energy policies that led to these huge price increases and hooked us once again on blood-soaked Middle Eastern oil. Biden won’t do that because he thinks he can force through his Green New Deal agenda.

The third option is to do what he’s doing: do nothing to fix or improve the problem, just print more money, and throw it at people.

The result will be more of what we’ve already seen: inflation and a snowballing of the issue since the underlying problem hasn’t been dealt with at all.

It’s also interesting to look at the number $4.5 billion, since 4.5¬†million¬†Americans quit their jobs just in November 2021 alone.

The Same Old Lies

Biden says the coldest states will get the biggest part of this latest bailout.

It’s better than nothing as families struggle with the cost of not freezing to death. Empty bank accounts don’t exactly lead to the kind of economic recovery Biden has been promising.

The problem is even when you print out more money and give it to people, you still just contribute to the devaluation of our currency that’s currently going on.

Technically, this funding is coming out of the American Rescue Plan passed last year; it increases the help low-income families normally get for this kind of thing.

Biden said those who don’t get vaccinated will face a dark winter of death. Let’s hope the real reason isn’t because people are freezing as the economy inflates beyond recognition.

Thanks, Biden.