Biden Abandons U.S. Service Dogs to Die in Afghanistan

If there was one image that sums up the evil and cowardice of the Biden regime, it would be this: rows of brave contract service dogs who have served our troops left to starve and die in Afghanistan.

American organizations have done their best to rescue these heroic canines. Yet, it fell on the deaf ears of the traitorous men and women currently occupying the White House. Now, these dogs are stranded behind enemy lines and relying on the mercy of terrorists.

Welcome to Biden’s America.

Service Dogs and Americans Abandoned in Afghanistan

Service dogs help sniff out bombs, search cars, and people, making the warzone less dangerous for our troops. Service dogs save lives. Now, these brave canines are left to die at Kabul airport after the last US evacuation flight left on Aug. 30.

The Department of Defense, led by woke commissar Lloyd Austin, ordered the dogs left there; this occurred even though multiple reports say there was enough cargo space to take these canines back to the US.

There are also still “hundreds” of American citizens stranded in Afghanistan and no plan to get them out, according to the Pentagon. Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan makes the 1975 Fall of Saigon in Vietnam look positive in comparison.

This is a horrible tragedy that will stain American history forever.

Statement from the American Humane Society

The head of the American Humane Society, Robin Granzert, put out an announcement about this situation. She did her best to get the Biden government to bring these heroes home; she is also now “devastated” to hear the contract service dogs will be left behind to be killed by the Taliban.

Noting that her organization even said they would pay for transport and treating any needs the dogs had, Ganzert expressed her deep sorrow at this situation. The American Humane Society has supported our military for over a century in caring for service dogs.

They’ve also led the way to having service dogs who can provide therapy to our wounded warriors after battle. This story is just so damn sad. The Biden regime deserves every single ounce of criticism and anger it gets over this and any other issue related to Afghanistan.

Every Man Left Behind

The Biden regime puts America last; that includes in every way possible: on trade, on war, on the border, and in every way. In Afghanistan, they left without any plan and then blamed President Trump for their complete lack of strategic success.

Now, hundreds of Americans are left to hide out or pay huge extortions to somehow leave the country; meanwhile, service dogs are left to be butchered at the airport. Biden severely disrespected the families of those killed Aug. 26 in the Kabul attack, checking his watch as their caskets were unloaded at Dover Airforce Base in Delaware.

We are being led by heartless traitors.