Beating Death of Delaware Cop the Latest in String of Savage Anti-Police Attacks

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Here’s the truth: America’s police are far from perfect. Police violence and harassment of innocent people clearly does occur. 

But here’s the other truth: it occurs much, much less than the liberal media wants you to believe. 

In a country of 330 million – including an unknown number of millions of illegal aliens living among us – American police are remarkably professional and dedicated. 

They literally save lives every day, but MSNBC won’t tell you about that. Instead they stick to their race-baiting incitement and try to get more cops killed. 

The horrible thing is that the propaganda of the leftist media is working: American police are under unprecedented attack. 

A quick look at the statistics and recent incidents of violence against police across the country paint a very troubling picture indeed. 

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Violence Against Police is Reaching an All-Time High

The beating death of a Delaware cop earlier this week marks a rising tide of savage anti-police violence across the country.

Corporal Keith Heacook had been on the Delmar Police Department in Delaware over two decades. Delmar is around two hours south of President Biden’s hometown of Wilmington and is on a peninsula that forms a triangle with DC and Baltimore. 

Corporal Keith Heacook had been on the Delmar Police Department over two decades, but was beaten to death after responding to a fight on the weekend. His injuries eventually claimed his life on Wednesday.

The Attorney General of Delaware Kathy Jennings said Heacook was a “hero” while his widow said that violence against police needs to stop.

“We are here to acknowledge law enforcement across this state who willingly face danger each and every day so that all of the rest of us don’t have to,” she said. 

Another two officers were murdered Wednesday as well, North Carolina Sheriff’s Deputies Sergeant Chris Ward and Deputy Logan Fox. The two got into a 13-hour showdown and gun battle in Watauga County. The 32-year-old suspect killed his mom and stepdad as well as gunning down the two deputies before turning the gun on himself. 

This horror is incited by our traitorous liberal media, who cheer on violent extremist groups like Antifa and BLM as they gin up hate and anger against police, collectively blaming all police for isolated incidents of violence against unarmed individuals. 

Red Alert: There’s a War Against the Blue

The violence against Heacook, Ward and Fox is just a day in the story of America’s heroic police officers. There is an epidemic of anti-police propaganda across this country that brings to mind the agitation and lies that preceded historical horrors like the Russian Bolshevik Revolution and the rise of Nazism. 

It always starts with disorder and hate of law and order, spreading out to a public area where nobody is safe and a radical group then seizes the reins of power. This is not just about random individuals going psychotic on police officers: this is a breakdown of law and order and a direct challenge to the integrity of the Republic. 

Police deaths this year are already about to go past those of 2020, which was the worst year for attacks and murder of cops in decades. And we’re only at the end of April. This is very, very bad. 

“Policing has always been a dangerous job, but with the anti-police sentiment out there, it has created an uptick in attacks on police officers,” said Mike McGrew, an experienced cop who runs a charity to help police suffering from PTSD.

The violence against police needs to stop. This runs the risk of deteriorating into a tit-for-tat cycle of increased violence that will only feed the violent extremism of BLM and other groups. 

Police need to be safe on the job and criminals need to be behind bars. Simple as that.