Bad News for Democrats on Immigration

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The Democrats love to toss around all sorts of rhetoric about tolerance, hardworking immigrants, human rights and compassion. 

But all you have to do is walk inside one of Joe Biden’s cages for kids along the Texas border to see that they’re lying. 

They don’t care about minorities, immigrants or anyone else: they care about power, and they’ll use any victims as props to get more of it. 

The left in this country is the ultimate example of all hat, no cattle. 

Sure, they can get big book deals, but it turns out half the time the books were plagiarized or done through fraud. Sure they can get TV shows that are popular pushing their talking points, but it turns out everyone other than coastal elites thinks the shows are garbage. 

When it comes to immigration, the Democrats have managed to open the floodgates and inundate this country during a massive pandemic, but they haven’t managed to brainwash nearly enough Americans for their agenda to succeed.

In fact, a recent poll has very bad news for Democrats about how Americans are feeling about illegal immigration. 

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Shocking Poll Results

The election of President Trump in 2016 was obviously enough to show that anger over illegal immigration exists and is a major thing. But the poll results of a new AP-NORC poll are surprising because they prove that illegal immigration isn’t just concerning to conservatives and Republicans. 

In fact, a whopping 72% of respondents said that illegal immigration is a “direct threat” to our country, with 45% saying they are “extremely” concerned, 27% saying they are moderately concerned and only 26% saying they aren’t worried. 

While the Democrats continue to push amnesty and try to open the borders as much as possible they’re going to face a massive amount of resistance from Republicans, Independents and a significant amount of Democrat voters as well. 

It turns out that when you try to lock everyone down for years and replace their jobs with cheap workers you economically exploit some people notice what you’re doing and get upset.

Imagine that. 

The good news is that in order to pass broader amnesty on granting citizenship to DACA dreamers and other measures, the Democrats will need at least ten Republicans to side with them and it’s very unlikely that’s going to happen, especially not in the hostile political climate that President Biden has helped to create. 

Starting from Scratch

The Biden Administration demonstrates how hollow its rhetoric is everyday, with crowded detention facilities all along the border where kids have nowhere to sleep and a failing immigration policy as a whole. 

As President Trump said in a recent interview, the crisis we’re currently seeing at the Southern border is going to get much worse this summer when the real migrant surge from Central America and Mexico picks up. 

By discontinuing the border wall, suspending deportations and restarting Catch and Release, the Biden Administration is simply doubling down on the failed policies of the past. It didn’t work before and it won’t work this time, especially during a severe pandemic when people are worried even more about their health and dealing with a stressful economic situation. 

Is this really the time to let more low-paid workers into the country just to expand the voter rolls of the Democratic party? The answer is obviously no, and recent news that two Yemen terror suspects were arrested at the Southern border also shows the national security dangers as well. 

If anything, Biden deserves to be impeached and removed from office for what he’s done at the border, but then Kamala Harris would step in and be even worse, so the jury is still out.