Bad News About Corruption in the Ghislaine Maxwell Trial

The Ghislaine Maxwell trial starts today. If that name rings a bell, it should. Maxwell is the accused sidekick of millionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who supposedly killed himself in a New York jail cell before he could be brought to trial in 2019.

Now, it’s Maxwell’s turn. The corporate liberal press has done their best not to mention it, but Maxwell is facing some very serious charges.

She allegedly helped Epstein traffick underage sex slaves for years, procuring and recruiting girls with promises of a lavish lifestyle and international travel. Maxwell could be behind bars for life.

Nevertheless, she has one big ace up her sleeve: the identity of one of the chief prosecutors in the case against her. 

You Won’t Believe Who’s Prosecuting Maxwell

One of the lead prosecutors in the Maxwell case is a lady by the name of Maurene Comey. If her last name seems familiar, it’s because she’s the daughter of the ex-FBI director and Deep State stooge James Comey.

One of the worst things about the Epstein and Maxwell case is how many familiar faces it has turned up, including former President Bill Clinton, British Royal Prince Andrew, and Saudi Prince Bin Salman.

The rich and famous of the world seem to have been mighty close with Epstein and it’s not really clear what the official reason supposedly was. Maybe it’s just that they thought they’d never get caught or punished?

What is clear is many of them flew on his private jet to his pedophile island in the Caribbean. Trump banned Epstein from Mar-a-Lago in 2005 because of his creepy behavior around underage girls.

However, other rich and famous folks couldn’t get enough of the rich pervert. Now we’re expecting anti-Trump Comey’s daughter to give a fair trial against Maxwell?

The Fix is In…

It gets worse. Maurene Comey was one of those who helped make sure nobody ever got to the bottom of what happened to Epstein in 2019. We are supposed to believe he felt so bad that he killed himself.

Yet, the video from the maximum-security jail never surfaced…and part of the team of legal busybodies who made sure nobody was ever held responsible was Maurene Comey.

Now, she’s here to make sure Maxwell gets what’s coming to her? What an absolute joke of a judicial system.

The Bottom Line

Maxwell has a lot of friends in high places. Her actual defense of her actions vs. the evidence against her is laughable. However, when you have such a powerful network, you can get away with a hell of a lot.

This includes powerful friends linked to the media, which is why patriots have to keep an eagle eye on the court proceedings and media coverage (or lack of it).

Fake news outlets like CNN will be doing their absolute best to cover up all of this and avoid talking about it at all. It’s up to us to sound the alarm.