Australians Mount Desperate Protest As Full COVID Fascism Descends on Nation

Australians are getting desperate. Their country is back under such strict lockdowns that you’re barely allowed to leave your home for any reason. Their liberal government has restricted freedoms in ways that would shock most Americans.

Just a few cases is all it took for the government to impose strict lockdowns; Australia is only around 20% vaccinated overall, so the end is nowhere in sight. However, not all Australians are complying. Thousands of citizens are out on the streets and fights between police and protesters have ramped up.

How Bad Are Australia’s Lockdowns?

Australia’s lockdowns vary by state. The state of Victoria encompasses a population of millions including the five million population city of Melbourne. Lockdowns for Melbourne are back on for another three weeks and likely will be extended further after that time.

Rules of the lockdown are extremely strict; you can’t go anywhere more than five kilometers from home and you can only leave home for medical reasons or to buy food. You can also leave home specifically if you are going to get the COVID vaccine.

Only authorized workers can leave home. You can’t exercise for more than two hours per day. In Melbourne and the surrounding area, there’s also a curfew being imposed between nine at night and five the next morning.

All these latest restrictions only happened due to 77 COVID cases. Millions must interrupt their lives because of a few dozen cases of a mostly non-fatal disease. Welcome to liberalism in 2021.

Over 4,000 Protesters in Melbourne

Over 4,000 protesters in Melbourne hit the streets yelling for liberty and an end to the lockdowns, while over 700 police responded to interrupt the protests. Some protesters even took a run at the police checkpoints and were hit with pepper spray and rubber bullets.

News reports say that six cops were hurt in the fights and taken to the ER, while over 200 arrests of protesters were made. They’re facing fines of around $4,000 each and a few other people will be spending time in jail.

The city’s police say that “the majority” of protesters who came to stand up against lockdowns were “violent” and left police no choice. According to police, the “aggressive” and “hostile” behavior of the protesters was completely unacceptable and justified the police’s sharp crackdown.

Protests Across Australia

In addition to Melbourne, protesters hit the streets to voice their anger in the Australian city of Sydney where over 1,500 cops were sent out to crush them. Around 50 arrests were made in Sydney and other cities in the state of New South Wales. Meanwhile, protests in the state of Queensland and the city of Brisbane were calmer and didn’t have arrests.

You can get fined up to $7,840 for breaking lockdowns and disobeying COVID orders in Australia. Anyone who doubts how bad things are in Australia should keep in mind that its government is now literally murdering orphaned dogs so people don’t go to shelters to save them.