Australians Now Having Their Land, Money Taken by Gov’t for Not Following COVID Mandates

Australia is the perfect example of what happens when you give up your guns. To summarize, you get a boot in your face and a crazed leftist government that wants to run every square inch of your life.

Enough Americans still care about our Constitution and recognize liberal lies; therefore, we have been spared some of the worst situations during COVID in terms of lockdowns and penalties.

However, other countries like Canada, Europe, and Australia have not been so fortunate. They don’t have a Ron DeSantis or a President Trump. They don’t have a Second Amendment.

Australia is in deep trouble and it’s impossible to exaggerate just how bad it is has become down there.

Full-on COVID Fascism in Australia

Australia had some of the strictest lockdowns and COVID rules in the world. They rival North Korea with how bad it’s become there.

In one state, you even get randomly contacted by the government and must take a photo with facial recognition in the place you’re permitted to be. If anything is wrong, the police immediately come find you.

It gets even worse, with massive fines for breaking quarantines, lockdowns, and vaccine rules. These can range up to $66,725 per fine. Australians who aren’t big fans of leftist tyranny have resisted and ended up getting hit with a lot of fines.

Now, that money is owed to the horrific government, which has come and taken $5.2 million in thousands of unpaid fines from citizens and businesses that weren’t paying.

The remaining thousands of people who haven’t paid their fines in the Australian state of Queensland are now being told they will have money taken directly out of their accounts or have their actual property taken from them to pay.

The Birth of Bio-fascism

These insane rules will also be put in place across Australia soon; the government hopes to rake in about $100 million in unpaid penalties.

Didn’t wear a mask? Entered a business without the proper vaccine passport? Drove outside during quarantine for a reason the cops didn’t like?

Didn’t pay for a hotel quarantine you were forced to go into when re-entering Australia from abroad? Time to pay up thousands of dollars or have your home taken from you. Indeed, there are over 44,000 unpaid quarantine bills still on the books.

Even better, there are “quarantine camps” being built across Australia. These will obviously be used soon to hold citizens who don’t pay fees or who break the supposed COVID laws.

Can you imagine what you have to do to get out of these camps if you don’t have the money to pay? I think we all know it involves a roll of the dice and two jabs in the arm with the experimental, dangerous COVID gene treatment, sometimes referred to as a “vaccine.”