Australia is Turning Into a COVID-1984 Dictatorship

Australia started as a prison colony and that’s what it’s turning back into. Armed SWAT teams swarm the streets and huge crowds of police check that everyone is staying home.

Special apps keep track of people’s every movement and make sure they scan their QR codes whenever they do anything. This is all being done to keep them “safe,” Australians are told.

The reality is that we are witnessing the birth of a full medical dictatorship down under.


You may have heard the term “COVID-1984.” It’s a joke which uses the title of George Orwell’s book 1984. This book is about a dictatorship where the truth is illegal and Big Brother runs every aspect of people’s public and private lives.

Sadly, we are not far off from that, especially in places like Australia where people are being attacked by authorities for walking outdoors and choked for not wearing masks.

Australian police and tactical units have clearly been told to use as much force as necessary to get people to comply. Some of these videos are coming out now, however, and they look like North Korea.

It’s no wonder that protests have been overrunning various parts of Australia. The country’s government has gone bloody insane.

What is Australia’s Government Thinking?

Other than those with access to the high-level cabinet meetings, that could be anyone’s guess. What’s clear is Australia claims it wants to get down to zero COVID cases in the whole country.

What’s also clear is they don’t understand anything about the virus, since forcing everyone to stay indoors is one of the best ways to make it spread. Lockdowns have already been fully demonstrated to not stop the virus.

Meanwhile, nations like Denmark that are fully reopening are actually seeing a reduction in cases. The Biden regime hasn’t gone this far yet, but they also have done nothing to call Australia out on its abuses of its citizens.

Australian government officials even said publicly that a return to “normal” is never going to happen. This is the new reality: vaccine passports and QR codes in public, assaults and attacks if you don’t wear a mask.

The Truth About Australia

The truth about Australia is their low COVID death rate is due to them being an island and their borders currently being shut off. These harsh rules have nothing to do with it.

How far are we from forced vaccinations and police smashing down people’s doors? We’re already there in Australia. Citizens are literally not free to do almost anything and are monitored and tracked at all hours of the day.

Authorities admit it’s going to continue forever. It’s the job of patriots to make sure we never get close to it in the United States.