As the Rittenhouse Trial Wraps Up, the Prosecution Completely Fails Its Closing Argument

The Kyle Rittenhouse trial is winding up and closing arguments have been made.

Rittenhouse was charged with illegal possession of a weapon and two murder charges. This is from last summer when he killed two individuals and injured a third on the streets of Kenosha, Wisconsin.

The incident happened during violent protests over the police shooting of Jacob Blake; they also came in the context of BLM and Antifa violence across America.

Now, the prosecution is doing their best to put Rittenhouse behind bars for defending himself. However, their arguments are so hollow even the left can’t believe their eyes.

This Case Never Should Have Happened

In a sane country, convicted criminals chasing down and trying to beat and kill a teenager who then shot them would not be a criminal case.

Yet, because our country has been taken over by a woke communist fever, this joke Stalinist trial is taking place.

District Attorney Thomas Binger has shown every step of the way he’s an amateur who wants to put Rittenhouse behind bars for ideological reasons.

In closing arguments, he showed just what an absolute fool he is and how little he has on deck to actually convict Rittenhouse.

Binger made a complete flub of the trial, trying unsuccessfully to paint a picture of Rittenhouse as some mentally deranged psychopath who went to Kenosha hoping to kill people. When that failed, he resorted back to the old tactics: lying and making things up.

This is what the left does when they run out of personal attacks and start losing. They simply start lying like crazy and hoping some of it sticks.

Binger Reaches Peak Idiocy

In his closing statements, Binger basically said self-defense isn’t legitimate. He argued if you bring a gun to a protest, that means you’re already an aggressor if violence occurs.

He tried to gin up some crocodile tears for child molester Joseph Rosenbaum and domestic abuser Anthony Huber who were killed.

Binger called them unarmed and said Rittenhouse was a bloodthirsty fanatic. This is so stupid it’s almost not worth responding to.

However, it’s good to do so because MSNBC and the other liberal networks will be parroting Binger’s words for weeks to come. Therefore, we need to explain why they’re nonsense.

Firstly, people don’t just get killed by guns. If someone smashes you over the head with a brick and kills you, you’re still dead. The idea you are automatically the aggressor because you have a gun is kindergarten liberalism nonsense.

Secondly, Huber, Rosenbaum, and Grosskreutz (who had a loaded gun pointed at Rittenhouse) were not some heroic activists.

They were fanatical communists. Rosenbaum was threatening to kill Rittenhouse over and over and tried to grab his gun. Huber and Grosskreutz were part of mobs trying to kill Rittenhouse. They were not innocent. They were not harmless.

Why Rittenhouse Will Win

Even those who believe the pathetic bull crap from Binger will notice he still made Rittenhouse’s case for him.

Rosenbaum was trying to grab his gun and Rittenhouse thought this would result in him being shot dead. Then, he fired as a means of self defense. 

As Rittenhouse’s mom said, he’d be dead now if not for his Smith & Wesson M&P.