Arnold Schwarzenegger Stabs California in the Back

Many of us think of Arnold Schwarzenegger for his popular roles in movies and bodybuilding career. He’s a friendly guy and seems nice enough. However, in recent years, Schwarzenegger has drifted further and further left.

His main job these days seems to be just explaining why the Democrats are supposedly right about everything and Trump is evil. It’s getting very tiring.

Schwarzenegger Weighs in on California’s Newsom Recall Vote

The latest edition of Schwarzenegger signal-boosting the left comes after California Governor Gavin Newsom defeated a recall vote and will stay in office. Instead of remaining neutral or at least being gracious, Schwarzenegger sounded off about how this was the “right” choice and how Newsom’s opponent Larry Elder was “wacky.”

Schwarzenegger even said Newsom was smart on the environment, claiming it shows you can have strong protection rules and a healthy economy. Well, more and more businesses like Tesla are packing up and leaving California for business-friendly states like Texas, so that’s certainly questionable.

Furthermore, the “strong” regulations California has on the environment have created a feudal society where only the rich can afford houses and wildfires are burning up half the state. If these rules are working so well, then how come Newsom can’t stop his state from burning down?

Schwarzenegger Backs Newsom

Despite everything and his melodramatic insults against Trump supporters, it’s disappointing to hear Schwarzenegger stoop this low into supporting a deranged psychopath like Newsom.

Apparently many other Californians – especially on the liberal coast – agree with Schwarzenegger. The attempt to recall Newsom failed quite badly, with 63.8% of voters deciding he should stay in office.

Despite his complete butchering of the COVID response, disastrous decisions for the economy, and divisive, abusive political style, Newsom will remain on until next year’s midterm elections.

There’s even a good chance Newsom will be re-elected in 2022. Apparently, Schwarzenegger is good with that and happy about it.

Shameful Subservience is Never the Right Move

The truth of the matter is obvious: Schwarzenegger craves the respect of the left and the “mainstream.” In order to do this, he’s betrayed all conservative values and embraced dishonest and disgusting leftist politicians like Gavin Newsom.

He’s also put out all sorts of silly videos and announcements, including one where he said being forced to wear a mask is no different than traffic laws. Well, it’s somewhat different actually, considering traffic laws actually work.

Schwarzenegger has now made it clear whose side he’s on. He’s on the side of the elites and the smirking liberal lunatics like Newsom. It’s sad to see, but it is what it is.

Many movie posters are probably being ripped off walls across America as we speak. After all, if your childhood hero now hates freedom, how can you continue to support him?