Arnold Schwarzenegger is Paying for His Pro-Fauci, Anti-Freedom Rant

Arnold Schwarzenegger used to be cool. He was an inspiring icon of personal achievement and strength. After becoming governor of California, however, Schwarzenegger went on quite a downward slide. He started whining a lot about climate change and high-fiving liberal buddies. He started talking more about “equality” and “civility” and other buzzwords leftists use.

In short, he started becoming really liberal. Now he’s just a leftist with muscles. His ridiculous video on the January 6 riots basically called Trump supporters Nazis and was so full of cringe it was hard to watch.

More recently Schwarzenegger went into another rant about masks and vaccines where he said “screw” people’s freedom. Liberals loved it, but Schwarzenegger’s sponsors don’t like it much at all…

Arnold Gets Dropped by Major Sports Nutrition Sponsor

Redcon1 is one of the world’s biggest nutritional drink companies. They make supplement drinks that get people pumped up. They were all set to help sponsor the yearly weightlifting competition called the Arnold Classic, but now Redcon1 is pulling out.

Schwarzenegger’s childish rant against conservatives annoyed Redcon1 owner Aaron Singerman, who said they are no longer sponsoring the Arnold Classic. According to Schwarzenegger in his video rant, not wearing masks is like not obeying basic traffic laws. If you run a traffic light and kill someone it’s your fault; if you don’t wear a mask and kill someone it’s your fault, the former governor said.

Sure, except masks don’t stop the virus and vaccinated people are supposedly safe from the virus. Or at least…safer? It sounds more like a chance for Schwarzenegger to just do some leftist virtue signaling to me. At least Redcon1 isn’t having any of it.

Why Did Redcon1 Drop Arnold?

Singerman says that Schwarzenegger’s comments were “dangerous” as well as being “anti-American.” As Singerman noted, his company is a “pro-freedom” organization and has no room for people like Schwarzenegger to drag their name through the mud.

While Schwarzenegger is obviously free to exercise his First Amendment rights, no organization has an obligation to work with or support his descent into liberal fascism.

The Sad Truth

The sad truth is that Schwarzenegger has been a hero to millions of young men – and women – but now he’s a broken man. He’s forgotten what made him great and what made him so popular: standing up for what’s right, even when it’s hard and being a strong, brave guy.

There’s nothing strong or brave about telling people to shut up and do what they’re told. It’s an attitude that belongs in the Soviet Union, not the United States. Schwarzenegger claims to be a patriot and he’s dedicated a lot to this country; however, if he wants to regain the trust of his fans and supporters, he needs to start taking a look in the mirror.