AOC Throws a Pity Party For Herself

This Sunday, Democratic Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, also known by the initials AOC, made an Instagram post in which she whined and cried about what a victim she supposedly is.

AOC has made a name for herself as a drama queen, actress, and fake. She calls herself a democratic socialist, but all the rest of us see is a spoiled girl who wants attention.

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Her latest bid for attention and a pity party for herself is truly pathetic and hilarious.

Here’s What Happened…

AOC went on a rant about how evil our government is and complained about how she’s a victim because she has a few percent of Indigenous ancestry. We are supposed to believe this makes her a victim?

AOC changes identities like she changes her fashionable outfits. One day, she’s a Sephardi Jew, the next Latina, the next Indigenous; the next, she has a “black” cultural background, whatever that means.

She also apparently does not understand even the basic premises of government. According to her everything is explained by the US government being evil and racist; yet, she herself is a part of the US government.

According to AOC, Congress is corrupt and this applies to both Democrats and Republicans. All of us mere mortals know of the existence of corruption. It’s not something new, by the way.

Obviously, both parties are full of corruption; that’s part of what led to President Trump getting elected.

If she feels so offended to be part of Congress, she can just leave. After all, she’s a volunteer. It’s not like she got conscripted to go there. She tried out for the part in an acting audition for the far-left group Justice Democrats.

An Activist?

If AOC is really an activist, she should be acting more and talking less.

It would be more useful that way and save her the shame of talking so much nonsense. AOC stated in the post that all the bad things happening are caused by bad white men.

AOC blames Tucker Carlson for young people who are getting “radicalized” in America and thinks we’re a fascist, Nazi country.

She’s part of the gang of Democrats who tried to punish Carlson for the mass shooting in Buffalo. In fact, the shooter, in this case, made his opinion clear of not liking Fox and insulted Carlson through an anti-Semitic meme.

Moreover, she herself has spread more hate than any Republican ever did. This woman wants to divide us for her own political gain and then tell us how she’s the victim. It’s reprehensible.

The Bottom Line

At this point, AOC has said she’s just about everything but the reincarnation of Jesus Christ.

Get this incompetent drama queen out of our government and back into doing makeup tutorials on Instagram where she belongs.