AOC is in Trouble for Her Latest Publicity Stunt

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) is a socialist Democrat who claims to stand for working people. She spent years blaming President Trump for every problem under the sun and even went to our southern border to fake cry over illegal immigration.

One of AOC’s biggest claims to fame is her support for raising taxes and being against the “1%.” Like her mentor Senator Bernie Sanders, AOC claims she wants to level the playing field and make the rich pay.

Her latest actions show just how hypocritical she is and how her pro-worker propaganda is a lie.

AOC Wears Special Dress to Met Gala

AOC went to the recent Met Gala in New York wearing a specially-made dress with “Tax the Rich” written in red blood-looking letters. It was a clear riff off the style of the blood-dripping “Eat the Rich” slogans that are often visible on clothing, buttons, and signs at Antifa riots and among far-left communist groups.

The Met Gala is an exclusive fashion event for the ultra-wealthy to show off their clothes and be useless showboats in the way that rich liberals like to be. A ticket costs $30,000.

AOC’s ticket was free, however. That’s where the problem comes in since congressional rules under Rule XXV section five don’t allow a member to accept any “lavish” gifts. Now, a formal complaint is being made by a group called the American Accountability Foundation (AAF) that wants this investigated.

Was the Met Gala Allowed Under Congress Rules?

The reason this is a debate is because congressmembers can accept tickets to charity causes. The Met does raise money for an art museum; however, it is run by a large, for-profit liberal media company called Conde Nast.

Conde Nast runs publications like Teen Vogue, which routinely instructs teen girls to be left-wing. Teen Vogue also recently had one of its writers say the 9/11 attacks were done to fight “white supremacy.”

AOC was among company where she fit right in, in other words. She went with her boyfriend and several rich friends. It’s not clear yet who bought the ticket for her or if AOC’s office actually bought it for her, which would break House rules.

AOC Responds

In response to criticism over her Met appearance and dress, AOC fired back, saying that the dress wasn’t hers and that it’s time for “climate action.” She noted that a couple of other “NYC elected officials” went to the Met Gala and it’s standard practice.

How can we be certain AOC didn’t actually pay for this ticket herself using campaign funds, however? That would be a clear violation of House rules and she certainly wouldn’t be above doing so.

After all, she believes the people’s money and public funds should be redistributed. Is it really such a stretch to believe she supports redistributing it right into her own pockets to pay for showboat fashion events?