Antifa Terrorists Start Attacking People With Guns in Portland

Antifa is a terrorist organization. President Trump made that clear, but President Biden said the group is just an “idea” with good points to make. Here’s a spoiler: Antifa doesn’t have good points to make; they’re evil and they need to be crushed.

These leftist scum are escalating their violence across the country, especially in blue states like Washington and Oregon. Their latest violence comes out of Portland, Oregon, where the terrorist group was involved in a shooting.

Shooting in Downtown Portland

There was a big clash in downtown Portland recently in which Antifa members shot into a crowd of people. They harassed street preachers trying to preach the Bible and went after Proud Boys in a different area of Portland.

This shooting was not to do with the Proud Boys, however. It was a non-fatal shooting of a senior citizen called Dennis Anderson during the main protests. It gets worse: Antifa actually stole evidence from the crime scene to try to make sure police can’t solve the attempted murder.

Antifa are very dangerous people who tend to bring weapons to rallies and during this latest one in Portland, they were not playing around. They threatened to kill many people in the area and told them to “f*** off” multiple times.

One of those who started walking away was Anderson. Some Antifa terrorists decided to follow him, shouting abuse at him. Anderson responded by taking out his weapon. This didn’t go well with the leftist terrorists, who started shooting at him.

Gunfight Leads to Antifa Coverup

Anderson took fire from Antifa and shot back; then he ran for cover and tried to shoot more. In the process he was struck. Later, police finally arrived after a day of ignoring what was going on in Portland.

After police arrived, Antifa members got up in their faces and started actively harassing their crime scene investigation. As the cops said, Antifa was stealing bullet casings from the scene to try to stop police from figuring out what happened.

A History of Violent Extremism

Antifa has a history of violent extremism. They profited off the BLM uprisings last summer by helping burn down our cities. Let’s not forget that a year ago, they murdered a conservative for supporting President Trump in Portland.

This incident took place very close to that as well. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler clearly has no guts to stand up to Antifa, despite the fact that he’s been physically attacked by them multiple times in public. The police are being constantly demonized, defunded and attacked.

This is a recipe for disaster. Antifa needs to start getting hit with federal terrorism charges and punished much more severely if we want to start making a dent in their anti-American activities.