Antifa Member Shot by Kyle Rittenhouse Just Admitted the Truth

The Kyle Rittenhouse trial should already be over after what happened yesterday. Last August, 17-year-old Rittenhouse killed two Antifa rioters, wounding one more, when they attacked him in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

He’d come to protect the city from violence and looting. Now, he’s on trial for murder. However, as more evidence and testimony emerges, it becomes increasingly clear that not only is Rittenhouse innocent, but the entire trial and basis of the trial is a scam to start with.

This ridiculous trial should never have even happened.

Antifa Member Admits the Truth

The two individuals who Rittenhouse killed were child molester/Antifa psychopath Joseph Rosenbaum and Antifa agitator Anthony Huber. Rittenhouse also shot far-left activist Gaige Grosskreutz, blowing away his entire upper arm.

During the trial, Grosskreutz testified and talked about what happened last August. When the defense got up to ask him about it, they were very specific. This was especially important, considering we now know that Grosskreutz had a loaded handgun at the time.

When the defense questioned him under oath, Grosskreutz admitted Rittenhouse did not open fire on him until he actually pointed his handgun at Rittenhouse.

When Grosskreutz admitted this was true, saying “correct,” his own legal team literally facepalmed. The trial is over.

Grosskreutz literally told the truth and admitted Rittenhouse was defending his life, not just spraying and praying for fun.

The Truth Finally Comes Out

In other testimony before, Grosskreutz claimed he had his “hands up” while he came to Rittenhouse. Now, he admits he grabbed his gun and pointed it at Rittenhouse.

When you point a loaded weapon at someone, something rather predictable can happen: they can shoot you until you stop pointing a gun at them and cease being a threat. It’s called basic self-preservation.

At this point, Rittenhouse is now 18 and there’s no way his life will be normal ever again.

He’s already faced numerous threats from Antifa and far-left BLM types who said they are also stalking the jury and legal teams of the trial to harm them if Rittenhouse is found innocent.

Here’s the Thing

Rittenhouse is obviously innocent and he acted in self-defense. Anybody who says otherwise is lying or doesn’t know the facts of the case.

At this point, unless there’s a serious miscarriage of justice, then Rittenhouse will clearly be found innocent of all charges except, perhaps, the illegal gun possession charge.

The real issue is what happens when he’s found innocent. Are we going to be looking at another year of “mostly peaceful” protests and burning buildings cheered on by Kamala Harris and the Biden regime?

Because this time around, I really don’t think conservatives and patriots are going to sit back while the country burns.