Antifa Goes Berserk, Causing $500K in Damages in Downtown Portland

Antifa are terrorists. President Trump was clear about that, and he was correct. Joe Biden, by contrast, has done nothing but make excuses for these sad sacks of crap, claiming Antifa is an “idea.” Are you kidding me?

The latest surge of violence came as Antifa terrorists tore through Portland’s downtown core, causing an estimated $500,000 in damages as they burned, smashed, and looted everything in sight.

Why Did Antifa Go Berserk This Time?

Antifa regularly engages in violence in places like Seattle and Portland. However, the reason Antifa has gone berserk in the past few days is they were doing a memorial parade for a member who got killed two years ago.

The member’s name was Sean Kealiher; he was struck down by a vehicle near a popular Antifa pub in 2019. The police were told to stand down while Antifa marched around to honor Kealiher.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has been smacked around by Antifa in public several times. Like most liberals, he’s a coward and won’t actually stand up to evil people. Instead, he runs away in the shadows and makes excuses, hence the stand-down order.

What happened is predictable, but on an even worse scale than people imagined. Antifa rampaged through the core of the city, causing half a million in damage and leaving police scrambling to respond.

Portland Police: Arson, Property Destruction Under Investigation

Portland’s head of police is a man called Chuck Lovell. Talking about the damaging parade and riot, he said although police haven’t arrested anyone yet, they are getting their ducks in a row, investigating to get people’s identities and put them behind bars.

According to Lovell, around 100 rioters smashed up buildings, including financial centers, shops, cafes, and dozens of other places around the downtown core.

Police weren’t allowed to intervene because a law was put through in September that prevents them from stepping in with pepper spray and batons to disperse violent crowds. Unlike Florida, which has strict rules against violent rioting, blue states like Oregon are enabling it.

Let’s just say there’s a reason you don’t see this crap happening in red states like Florida.

What’s The Story With Kealiher?

This violence in Portland was organized by Kealiher’s mom. He was killed two years ago after being raised from an early age to believe in political violence for left-wing causes.

According to reports, Kealiher got in a disagreement near a popular Antifa pub two years ago. This led to rival Antifa members getting in a vehicle and smashing into Kealiher while his friends tried to shoot at the driver.

How is this the fault of downtown Portland businesses? It just shows how violent and psychopathic Antifa is and why they have to be taken more seriously. Every single rioter who participated in this latest surge of violence should be jailed and punished.