Anti-Trump Lawyer Michael Avenatti is Going to Jail

You may remember a porn lawyer by the name of Michael Avenatti. He worked for porn actress Stormy Daniels in her attempt to sue President Trump. 

Daniels actually had three lawsuits against Trump and his former top lawyer Michael Cohen. The first was dismissed; however, Trump had to pay $44,100 for Daniels’ legal fees. Daniels lost the second lawsuit as well and had to pay $300,000 for bringing a frivolous case. 

The third was settled in May of 2019 and didn’t even involve Trump. 

Translation: Avenatti and his client were massive frauds with no leg to stand on, but it went a lot deeper than that. 

While CNN and the liberal media were busy fawning over this creepy porn lawyer, he was up to some other very bad things. 

Now, Avenatti is going to jail for them. 

What Did Avenatti Do?

In addition to being an obviously dishonest sleazebag, Avenatti crossed the line when he tried to extort $25 million from Nike. 

What happened is basically that Avenatti got in a disagreement with Nike; the porn lawyer then said he would defame Nike publicly and cause bad publicity unless they bucked up $25 million.

He was serving as lawyer for an LA-area youth basketball organizer who was angry that Nike had cut off its sponsorship of his league. 

Avenatti decided this was a good opportunity to profit; he therefore used his public fame given by outlets like CNN to try to scare Nike. Avenatti called their high-ups and threatened them in psychotic rants full of cursing and threats. 

Instead of actually helping his client, Avenatti just went behind his back and tried to score some sweet cash from the sportswear giant instead. 

It didn’t work and now Avenatti is going to spend some time behind bars. 

It’s also worth mentioning here that the accusations against Avenatti stretch far back; therefore, he’ll also be on trial again in a week. The creepy porn lawyer also has another trial later in the year and a trial in New York next year for other alleged crimes. 

This includes cheating Daniels herself out of huge amounts of money. 

Avenatti Turns on the Waterworks

Avenatti was actually looking at nine years in jail by sentencing guidelines for the massive fraud scheme he tried to pull off; although, instead, the judge went easy on Avenatti, giving him 2.5 years.

Still, that’s nothing to sneeze at and he’s not going to be having a fun time there in his bunkbed. 

The lesser sentence reportedly happened because Avenatti cried like a little baby in front of the court and made everyone feel bad. 

Avenatti cried and said he had “betrayed” his own “values” in front of the court and somehow this convinced people. 

What a pathetic man. 

CNN Stays Quiet

Meanwhile, fake news CNN,who did so much to promote Avenatti and pretend he was a real lawyer, only devoted a few seconds to talking about his trip to jail. 

These news outlets aren’t just false, they’re actively harmful. 

They push people like Avenatti on the public; that’s part of why he was able to try to scare Nike into giving him money because he had the public fame given to him by disgusting outlets like CNN. 

Maybe CNN could be sued as an accessory to a crime?