Another Progressive Politician, Another Flaming Hypocrite

Governor Baker attends 50th annual Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Breakfast_ by Office of Governor Baker is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Anywhere you look, you can find another progressive politician being a flaming hypocrite.

The latest example is “Squad” member and Massachusetts Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, an self-righteous drama queen who makes AOC look level-headed. 

This anti-capitalist, race-baiting Democrat likes to rail against the greedy rich and their exploitation of workers and the poor. She’s also very big on the whole “healthcare is a right” and “housing is a right” script. 

The problem is she’s also a slumlord grabbing rent from hardworking folks even while backing legislation in Congress that claims collecting rent is evil and exploitative. 

Governor Baker attends 50th annual Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Breakfast by Office of Governor Baker is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Cancel Rent! (But Not for My Tenants)

COVID caused a big debate over evictions, considering that many folks fell behind in rent and had trouble paying. Pressley was one of the top voices in the push to “cancel rent” and helped write the Rent and Mortgage Cancellation Act.

The whole time she was talking about the evils of capitalist exploitation and cancellation rent being “a matter of life and death”, Pressley and her husband were directly profiting from rental properties. 

That leaves two options: Pressley didn’t really believe rent is “a matter of life and death” or Pressley didn’t care about potentially killing people as long as she got her piece of the pie. 

Both of those options…do not look very good for her, to say the least.

Pressley’s anti-rent law proposes to cancel rent by paying out landlords who missed out on payments during the pandemic as well, so there are questions whether it could actually have been a way to try to personally benefit her. 

If she had a tenant or tenants who couldn’t pay and tried to use the government as her personal bailout piggybank she would be among many other politicians who’ve done the same thing when their business interests were in trouble.  

Pressley spends most of her time on social media and in Congress grandstanding and being a self-righteous drama queen, like I wrote. 

Her latest post is – of course – not about the United States, but about the nation of Haiti, whose Flag Day she used as a chance to talk about how bad America is and how it’s to blame for the problems of the crime and poverty-ridden nation. Of course…

Pressley and the America Last Movement

Pressley is part of what I call the America Last movement. She and other progressives love to blame this country and say that it’s the problem behind everything. 

They love to blame anything productive and in power and say that they’re victims. Then they find other people who also want to feel like victims and latch onto that whining, victimized energy and weaponize it against hardworking, optimistic folks who just want to keep building a better country. 

The problem is they use that negative energy and resentment to win elections through their hatred. And then they start writing up insane, conflict-of-interest legislation like in this case. 

In fact, Pressley’s 2020 financial disclosure hasn’t even been released. She collected at least $15,000 during one quarter of 2019 and she’s likely trying to figure out how to make sure that’s not tied to the legislation she was pushing at the same time. 

During the height of the pandemic in 2019, Pressley and her husband refinanced their building in Boston and made it into an investment property.