Americans Deeply Worried About Biden Regime’s Weaponization of the FBI

Ever since the FBI raid on Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago, Americans’ confidence has plummeted in the once great FBI.

The growing trend of the FBI inciting and entrapping violence and plots raised a lot of eyebrows; so has their participation in being part of an evil plan to bring Trump down from the top of his towers.

Though let’s face it, it is all very strange and frightening the way a large federal agency is now being used to bash political opponents; the American people are noticing.

Shocking New Poll Shows Changing Attitude to FBI

A post-raid poll from Rasmussen shows more than 40% of Americans are suspicious of the FBI. In contrast, less than 30% say they trust federal agents more after the Mar-a-Lago nonsense.

It’s worth noting more than 40% of Americans think the FBI is just Biden’s secret police at this point.

It’s hard to be suspicious of those we should trust 100% with our eyes closed. Whereas now, we must keep not only our eyes open, but also two feet planted to stop them from busting the door down on false pretenses.

Isn’t it ironic that we were warned for years about the danger of Trump being a supposed dictator? We’re now living under a regime where powerful secret agencies are literally being used to hunt down political opponents and dissidents.

We are turning into the literal Soviet Union; blue state bozos voted them in with a clap and late-night hosts serenading. It’s sickening and frightening.

The FBI in a Nutshell

The FBI is a government agency that has the role of supporting the law by investigating violations of federal criminal law.

Created on July 26, 1908, by District Attorney Charles Joseph Bonaparte, the FBI is considered the largest law enforcement agency in the world, with 30,000 employees and operating in 60 countries.

It was supposed to be a totally lawful and reliable public body. Agree? Though leave it to the Democrats to turn it into a progressive pink police state Gestapo organization!

This is exactly what Marxists and the far left always do: they call it the long march through the institutions. They’re doing it in our military, education system, judiciary, and media as well.

What About Democrats?

The results of polls on Democratic opinions about the FBI are quite different. In fact, more than ever, Democratic individuals support the agency.

In December, it was around 60%; now, it’s already 75% of Democrats who support and believe in the actions of the FBI.

On the other hand, Republicans, who demonstrate more lucid, only continue to increase their rate of mistrust and disapproval of the FBI.

This situation is not going to get better. The FBI is now a runaway horse and all hell follows with it.