American Vet Dies Fighting for Ukraine

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine happened on February 24; since that time, fighting has raged across the country, particularly in its troubled eastern separatist regions.

Now, an American man has died while fighting against Russia. This US Army veteran and American hero went down fighting in the Luhansk region under heavy assault from Russian forces.

American KIA Named as Idaho Father of Five

The American killed in action on Oct. 11 has been named as a US Army veteran and father of five, Dane Partridge.

Partridge came from Idaho to Ukraine to support resistance to Russia and died from serious injuries he suffered after a massive attack by Russian forces at Luhansk.

He was 34 and had gone to Ukraine as part of a “spiritual call” to volunteer and stop Russia, according to his sister Jenny. Partridge had valuable army experience that he brought to Ukraine and boarded a one-way flight to Poland in April of this year.

Upon arrival in Poland, he headed directly to the Ukraine embassy and then was inducted into volunteer forces.

Partridge was bused into the border on April 27 and taken to combat bases inside the country for training and preparation for further forward deployment.

He noted on Facebook at the time that he couldn’t give more details, since the location of the Ukrainian bases was secret for obvious security reasons.

The Battle That Took Partridge’s Life

According to Partridge’s sister, he and other volunteer soldiers were stationed in Luhansk mainly in the city of Severodonetsk.

When a Russian offensive broke through into their zone and began an assault, Partridge and his team came under heavy fire and artillery.

He was hit in the head by pieces of shrapnel and severely injured. Teammates immediately evacuated him for emergency medical care and got him in a truck in the middle of the ongoing assault.

His sister Jenny still has a photo of the truck used to rescue him and plans to keep it as a memento for the heroes who also tried to save his life.

Jenny said she and the family treasure her brother’s memory and come from a long line of service, including his dad who served in the US Air Force.

Partridge himself enlisted in the US Army in 2006 and served until 2012. It was a career he loved and a place where he felt belonging and fulfillment that he didn’t find in standard civilian society.

His decision to go to Ukraine was part of this yearning to be part of something larger than himself.

Rest in Peace

Four other Americans have also been killed in combat while fighting for Ukraine. Partridge will always be remembered as a hero by Ukraine and by his colleagues and family.

His death also brings into question just how deeply America is prepared to get into this war that rages on.