America First Movement Faces Big Hurdle in Georgia

There’s no doubt President Trump is still angry about the outcome of the last presidential election in 2020. Trump hit back and claimed voter fraud in several states, especially in Georgia.

Many will remember a call that was leaked to the media with Georgia’s Secretary of State Republican Brad Raffensperger on the phone with Trump.

Raffensperger refused to look more into the fraud charges and subsequently became hated in much of the America First movement.

Now, Raffensperger is running for re-election next Tuesday, May 24. He is facing competition from Torri M. Hudson, David Belle Isle, and Jody Hice in this primary.

Hice and Raffensperger are basically neck and neck at this point.

Trump Backs Hice

Trump has fully backed Hice in the Georgia secretary of state race; this will be an important litmus test for the strength of a Trump endorsement down south.

Raffensperger still has a lot of support in the Peach State.

Trump said in a speech he believes Hice is the right person for the job and someone who will bring 100% reliability to the upcoming elections, unlike Raffensperger.

Was There Voter Fraud?

As the recent documentary 2000 Mules by Dinesh D’Souza showed, there were various election fraud tricks that were used to help swing the results of the 2020 election.

Even those who call into question the geolocation methods that D’Souza used in his documentary also have to admit there were questions.

Not only this, but the entire mainstream media lined up in a 24/7 propaganda war against Trump and censorship of any stories and news that could help him get more votes.

Raffensperger said he has been under pressure even up until today for what happened in 2020. He also says Hice is also using this as a talking point against his candidacy.

In a recent debate, Hice brought up 2020 election fraud once again. He blamed Raffensperger for voting irregularities in the state of Georgia.

What Happens Next?

If none of the candidates reach more than 50% of the votes in the May 24 election, there will be a runoff election for Secretary of State.

Raffensperger continues his campaign in defense of the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. He is trying to bulk up the number of voters through appearances on conservative-based media.

He’s working hard and saying he did the right thing, and while many of us may disagree, it remains to be seen whether this message lands with the Georgia electorate.

Hice has not been as active on the campaign trail, which is likely disappointing to Trump.

He has some serious momentum, thanks to Trump’s endorsement, but he’s going to need to start campaigning hard in the coming days and to make up the small but growing gap between himself and Raffensperger.