Amazon Removes Justice Clarence Thomas Movie During Black History Month

Justice Clarence Thomas by McConnell Center is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Justice Clarence Thomas is the only Black Supreme Court judge, and is a trailblazer in Black History and American history.

But as far as Amazon is concerned, he’s just another conservative to cancel.

A documentary about Thomas was recently scrubbed from the Amazon Prime streaming service and appears to now have been removed.

It’s a nice touch, especially during February which is Black History Month.

Progressives like those who run Amazon have no actual respect for minorities or for Black history. And this move proves it in spades.

Justice Clarence Thomas by Cknight70 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

“Created Equal?” Nope, According to Amazon

The PBS documentary Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words has been a popular choice on Amazon’s Prime movie streaming service, but apparently they no longer want it to be available.

They still keep up various progressive titles like All In: The Fight For Democracy with Stacey Abrams and several films on Thomas’ sexual harassment accuser Anita Hill, but then again nobody ever said progressives fight fair.

By the way is it just me or does the “fight” in the Stacey Abrams title sound just a bit inciting of violence? It worries me that some radicals may take it too literally and try to attack conservative politicians and I think it should be removed in case it spreads extremism.

Anyway, you can still get the Thomas documentary in physical DVD form on Amazon after a number of other results that come up first, but we’ll see how long that lasts for. Cancel culture – after all – isn’t just about trash talking conservatives, it’s also about literally banning their books, movies, icons and everything else they care about from being publicly sold or available.

If you search for Ruth Bader Ginsburg the results practically pop off the page and deliver themselves to you with an Amazon gift basket.

Clarence Thomas Matters

Thomas was born in 1948 near Savannah, Georgia and went to College of the Holy Cross and Yale Law School, already gaining attention for his brilliant legal mind.

He rose up the ranks to become assistant attorney general in Missouri by 1974 and eventually became a legislative assistant to Senator John Danforth before moving up to become Chairman of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) under President Ronald Reagan in 1982.

He took Thurgood Marshall’s vacant Supreme Court Seat in 1991 after an extremely rancorous set of nomination hearings where lawyer Anita Hill came forward to say he had inappropriately pursued her sexually and romantically when she wasn’t interested.

Thomas and many conservatives said she had lied in order to stop a Black conservative from getting a seat on the nation’s highest bench.

Thomas is widely regarded as the most conservative Supreme Court justice on the court and believes in natural law and an originalist view of the Constitution that prioritizes the Founding Fathers’ perspectives and philosophy over modern, liberal reinterpretations.

Amazon’s Crazed Progressive Censorship

Amazon recently announced it will be removing titles and films it considers offensive from its platform. What do you want to be that this will basically mean scrapping any socially or religiously conservative Christian content from Amazon? I would put down good money that that’s exactly what it means.

Conservative writer Ryan Anderson recently had his book on the dangers of transgenderism (When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Movement) removed, even though he is a prestigious scholar.

Amazon doesn’t care about who they ban or how big they are. This goes beyond money or sales.

Amazon is just concerned with following their far-left puppet master Jeff Bezos wherever he leads. And where he’s leading is into a one-party monopoly system where tech giants and large corporations control what Americans see, read, think about and believe.