After Historic Virginia Loss, McAuliffe Staffer Goes on Unhinged, Racist Rant

On Tuesday night, Democrat contender Terry McAuliffe got his butt kicked in the race for Virginia governor. He lost so badly to challenger Glenn Youngkin that it’s actually embarrassing.

Despite pulling out all the tricks in the book and calling Youngkin a racist MAGA creep with nothing to offer, McAuliffe got schooled and taken to the woodshed.

A Staggering Blow for Democrats

Virginia voters of all political persuasions correctly realized McAuliffe had nothing to offer but more empty Democrat propaganda. They also saw he was a reckless loudmouth who wanted to take away all their liberties.

For those who were working with McAuliffe to take over the state from infanticide-supporting, KKK-costume-wearing Democrat Governor Ralph Northam, it was also a big blow.

All their plans and election ideas went out the window as the red wave drowned them. Not everyone reacted well, especially McAuliffe’s social media guy Charlie Olafson, who went on an unhinged rant.

What Did Olafson Say?

Before shutting his account down, Olafson mouthed off at everyone who voted for Youngkin, calling them “f***ing Confederates” and saying that Republicans should “f*** off.” How do you like your tolerant left now, folks?

This guy also said the GOP has “no morals” and only offers low taxes. Two things there: I’ll take low taxes any day. As for no morals? That’s pretty rich coming from a party that supports the mass murder of unborn children, legalizing deadly drugs, and wants to tell young boys and girls it’s good if they change their gender.

These psychopathic freaks want to talk about morals? What makes it even more ironic is Olafson’s previous job was running social media for McAuliffe’s run for VA governor. Just a tip, Charlie: usually try to keep the f-bombs to a minimum when trying to win new voters to your cause.

The Truth of the Matter

The truth of the matter is despite the Lincoln Project’s crazy attempt to frame Youngkin as racist, he’s ushering in an administration full of promise and diversity.

The new lieutenant governor, Winsome Sears, is a strong black woman who’s also a Marine Corps veteran. She loves America and she cares about our Constitution.

Unlike McAuliffe, she’s not just blathering on about skin color; she actually has something to offer: leadership, expertise, and courage…and that’s what our country needs now.

What we don’t need are man-children like Olafson who can’t take their loss like a man and walk away. So I’ll spell it out for you Charlie: you lost, buddy.

Your campaign crashed and burned so hard you should never work in politics again. Go make yourself a margarita, sit on the porch, and think about your life a bit. Don’t forget to wear your mask.