Adele Has a Message for the Woke Mob

Adele is a famous British songwriter who’s known for hits like “Rolling in the Deep” and “Hello.” She’s not political, and she doesn’t like to get involved in controversy.

Her huge global success and skyrocketing fame as a pop star have increased the spotlight on her, though. When that happens, the pressure increases to be politically correct and woke.

However, Adele doesn’t care much about that. This is why she recently had a big problem with the woke mob.

What Happened?

Adele was giving a speech at the Brit Awards when she spoke out about her love of woman’s empowerment. She said she loves being a woman and it means a lot to her. She was proud of her gender and her identity.

However, it caused a firestorm of controversy in the trans community, who accused her of othering people who don’t identify with binary genders. They said she’s reinforcing a simplistic idea of what being a woman is.

They claimed she’s increasing persecution of trans people and spreading transphobia. It sounds too ridiculous to be true, but a large number of trans activists online attacked Adele and went after her for her pro-woman comments.

This is when most celebrities usually back down and say they’re sorry or donate to some bizarre charity. Yet, Adele is extremely rich and extremely famous, and she didn’t get that way by being scared of criticism.

So she went right out at another public event in London recently and said again she loves to be a woman. Sorry, woke mob, better luck next time.

Transphobia? Seriously?

The basis of the controversy is that the Brit Awards no longer have a best male and best female category. That’s because doing so was seen as insensitive to those people who don’t identify with either category.

For that reason, she was awarded best artist, which is what led to her saying she’s proud of being a “female artist.”

What Adele was doing is very simple; she was standing up for women. The Brit Awards and their big brain creators tried to erase the category of women in order to be woke and thought nobody would call them out on it.

How does anybody feel when they’re told their identity no longer matters? It’s insulting, offensive, and ridiculous.

So Adele made the point that she is a woman, she is proud of it, and she will continue being proud of it.

The Woke Warzone

The problem with woke extremism and leftist identity categories isn’t they’re too open-minded; it’s that they’re the opposite.

They try to erase whole identities to be inclusive and it ends up being absurd and hurtful. Enough is enough. Adele has every right to be proud to be a woman.