Actor James Woods Drops Harsh Truth About Liberal Mecca LA

James Woods by The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

If you’ve been on Twitter, then you’ve probably heard of conservative actor James Woods.

Part of the reason Woods stands out is that he’s so rare among Hollywood liberals: he isn’t willing to bend to political correctness or repeat stupid nonsense.

He stands by Trump and America, despite the leftist backlash.

Now, he’s been online telling the truth about his hometown of LA: it’s gone down the toilet.

James Woods, Dirty Pictures by Movie-Fan is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

‘LA is Gone’

As Woods recently commented on Twitter, despite a few bright spots in LA county, the city itself is trash. 

“LA is gone,” the famous actor tweeted, showing the homeless camps and rampant drug addiction across the formerly beautiful area. 

Democrats and left-wing ideology have sunk LA and LA county into hell on earth; streets are now peppered with the refuse of broken families, drug addiction, and mental illness all over. 

Nancy Pelosi must be proud. 

Venice Beach and other areas look like some kind of nightmare scene from India or the Third World; local services are trying to address this, yet making almost no progress other than virtue signaling. 

In fact, local news channel KTLA says that Venice Beach alone has an estimated 2,000 homeless individuals and 41,000 homeless across LA.

That’s a nightmare scenario that we’re seeing in blue states across the country. 

Broken Families Lead to Broken Countries

The fact of the matter is that broken families lead to broken communities and broken countries. 

James Woods is one of the few celebrities who understands the evil and propaganda coming out of Hollywood and the toll it takes on this country. 

He supports Trump because his brain is not yet lobotomized; Woods understands that facts don’t care about your feelings. 

The degeneration of blue states into a horrible disaster is no mistake. It’s the result of cultural and social ideologies of hedonism and false freedom; these falsehoods ditch people into their worst instincts and leave them to die on the street.

Combine that with a woke ideology and victim mentality and you have an unfortunate recipe for current scenes we see today in LA, San Francisco, California and many blue state areas of the US.

People can only run away for so long. Eventually, the fact is going to have to be said:

If you elect Democrats and support their corrosive, anti-American ideas, then you are paving the way for the kind of disaster zone that LA and other blue cities have become. 

it doesn’t matter what you “feel.” These cities are what actually happens when you give up all responsibility and allow moral decay to take root. 

Thank God for people like James Woods who don’t sugarcoat the truth about the horrible state of Democrat America.