Actor Denzel Washington Schools Liberal Media on Their Lack of Respect for Christians

It’s no secret Hollywood is full of liberals and people who hate Christianity and America. However, not everyone there feels the same way; one of the best examples is Oscar-winning actor and legend Denzel Washington.

Speaking to the New York Times recently about his beliefs, Washington spoke about just how seriously he takes religion and his Christian faith. He also had a stark warning for the liberal media and those who think that religion is just a joke or a scam.

Denzel: Those Without Faith are Not Going to Make It

Speaking to Maureen Dowd of the NYT, Washington talked about how his Christian faith sustained him through his career. It comes from a promise he made to his grandma before she died that he would dedicate his life and job to “honor” God and her until the day he died.

It’s a promise he took very seriously. Now, Washington has a warning for those who don’t have any religious beliefs, saying they’re not going to make it.

Without a “spiritual anchor,” Washington said people will fall into “depression” and find it hard to continue with life. Washington said he’s “God-fearing.” He trusts God in all things, trying his best not to let fear take over.

His latest film is Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Part of that is a superstition that productions of the play have a curse leading to tragedy, but Washington says he trusts God and knows he will protect him.

He urged Dowd to crack open the Bible and start reading scripture so God’s word can guide her. The reporter quipped that he seems like his dad, who was a preacher.

More Than Just Talk

Washington is far from a holier-than-thou type; he’s not just talk. As Macbeth co-star Corey Hawkins said, Washington often prayed on set with others and would be open about where he’s gone wrong in life.

It’s not about pretending to be better than everyone; it’s about admitting where we’ve all fallen short and trusting God to know what’s best.

When Dowd tried to get Washington to talk about Hollywood, its racial issues, and worries that not enough black people are in films, he said the entire controversy is stupid and he doesn’t care.

Washington fought his whole career against the media’s desire to tell him he was persecuted and overlooked in roles for being black. He finds their characterization offensive, because it is offensive (and stupid).

Washington said he’s not impressed by our politically correct reality and cancel culture. He said we need to focus on our own sins and relationship with God, not getting mad about every little thing somebody else does or says.

Washington Lays Down the Law

While he admitted he’s not sure yet if we’re in the “last days,” Washington told Dowd people need to get over their social media obsession. Instead of worrying about who’s “following” you, worry about who you’re following.