A Soldier’s Story

The first day of fighting in Ukraine has cost hundreds of lives and thousands of injuries. Russia’s blitzkrieg invasion swept in from all directions, hitting points across the country and taking the whole world by storm.

Joe Biden’s threats of sanctions have gone nowhere. Russian troops are rolling over Ukraine. The skies are open and Russia is turning airfields and strategic Ukrainian sites into rubble.

There’s just one thing in their way: the Ukrainian soldier.

Meet Retired Special Operator Serhiy Kryvonos

Serhiy Kryvonos is one of the patriots and veterans helping Ukraine fight off the massive Russian invasion.

He served as a special operator in the past, reaching the rank of general. He was also second in command of Ukraine’s national security agency and defense council.

Kryvonos says although Russia outguns Ukraine and has better electronic and “technical equipment,” they will never be able to crush the Ukrainian people if they fight back hard enough.

Months before this invasion, Kryvonos was going across the country, teaching civilians how to shoot and defend their country.

He looks to Afghanistan as an example of how Russia failed to hold the country, despite pouring billions of dollars and many lives into it. The popular resistance was too much for them to take.

Now, as Ukraine stares down the barrel of a gun against a determined Russian enemy, army reservists and civilians may become the last line of defense.

Teenage boys are being drafted. Automatic weapons are now being handed out to any Ukrainian who is willing to fight for the survival of their nation.

Ukraine’s Military Situation

Ukraine is outgunned and outmanned on the field of battle against Russia. Nonetheless, it has over 500,000 veterans with combat under their belt; many who fought against Russia during 2014 in the east are also coming back.

Ukraine’s active duty standing army is about 260,000 in total, but they do not have anywhere near the hardware that Russia does.

Nonetheless, as they get lethal aid shipped to them from allies, and the veterans begin to suit up to fight to the death, Russia has a much bigger fight on its hands than it might have anticipated.

The government will be handing out automatic weapons to Ukrainians who want to defend their homeland. People like Kryvonos at the helm are very tough folks. This is not who any Russian soldier wants to meet in a dark alley during an urban warfare environment.

Others, such as Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko, also say they will stay on and fight. Klitschko, a former heavyweight boxing champion, is another strong and determined guy.

Ukraine’s own president, Volodymyr Zelensky, is staying in Ukraine, despite being advised Russian hit squads are trying to locate and kill him. Ukrainians are not giving up, not even close.